Ugly Samsung Galaxy S III Can Learn Design from Competition
Despite, a truckload of new, nifty features Samsung Galaxy S III has an uninspiring design.
Ershad K May 04th 2012

So, Samsung released yet another flagship Galaxy phone with yada yada features last night.Yeah whatever, let me get to the point. The Galaxy S III looks as ugly as Koena Mitra's botched nose job. No wait, her nose job looks much better. Somebody please drill this into Samsung's design team's head - "AESTHETICS MATTER."

The most difficult aspect of designing a smartphone for OEMs is that all of these are just slabs at the end of the day. Innovation will not be easy. However, some manufacturers have still managed to make this happen.

Here are some smartphones that, I believe, have drop-dead gorgeous looks (in no particular order):

1. Nokia Lumia 800/ 900/ N9: I am clubbing the three phones together because they have a similar polycarbonate unibody. The only difference is that the Lumia 900 has a flat display panel and not curved glass like the other two. The designs on these phones are inspired. Gorgeous curves. Check. Rounded edges. Check. These phones are supermodels in their own right.

2. Apple iPhone 4/ 4S: You think their designs are overrated? I say not. Apple's hardware designers are artists. Right from the external hardware to the operating system, Apple's design reeks of professionalism. Also, every new release almost always pushes me to sell a kidney for the product. Fanboy? No. I just appreciate beauty in all forms.

3. HTC One X: I am amazed at how HTC managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat at this year’s MWC with the beautiful One X. The curved profile of the phone may bring the Samsung Galaxy Nexus to your mind but the One X somehow manages to stand apart with the seamless matte plastic and a gorgeous 4.7 inch display which extends to a black bezel that can be spotted only if you look at it keenly. Not bad at all, HTC. I am impressed and some hardcore haters are too.

4. Motorola Razr: Do I own this phone? Yes. Do you say I should not include this one in the list? Sorry sir. The reason I chose this one over the Samsung Galaxy SII or the Note is the classy yet sturdy design. Anorexic 7.1mm thickness, Kevlar rear panel, tapered edges and the futuristic look makes this one of Motorola's most inspired designs in recent times. The only drawback is the larger bezel but I am not complaining too much. Also, this is the major reason why the Razr is at the bottom of the list.

Samsung will do well if it learns something from its competitors, especially in matters related to design.

Somebody please drill this into Samsung's design team's head - "AESTHETICS MATTER."