Technology trends that are changing the future of crowdfunding

With the evolution of technology and the internet, it has become easier for people to raise funds in no time. India is the second largest online market with over 460 million internet users, which is estimated to touch 635.8 million by 2021.

Analytics maturity is critical in an era of automation and intelligence

Though digital businesses are aware of the significance of data analytics, many organizations are still grappling to stay afloat in the oceans of data. Many others are yet to experience the advantages of being completely empowered by data analytics.

How we chose the 10 AI-powered startups to watch

This is the selection process for the Network World 10 AI-powered startups to watch

How Microsoft became tech’s good guy

Even if it’s doing so out of self-interest, the company has been acting as a force for good.

How SD-WAN will make the cloud much, much bigger

The user-defined WAN will give greater access to corporate resources, but also require more cloud support and faster links to the cloud.

Fake products? Only AI can save us now

The arms race is on: Counterfeiters will use AI to create convincing fakes; smart enterprises will use AI to fight back.

Medi-commerce: From commerce to logistics, a world of difference

Healthcare and medical equipment manufacturer’s IT spending account for nearly 4.2% of their total revenues; high as compared to retailers (<2%).

Enterprises, emotion and the rise of the ‘empathy economy’

Artificial intelligence can now detect human emotion better than people can. It’s time to get emotional about AI.

Metrics with Design Thinking, Lean, Agile and DevOps

Selection of metrics has to be well thought through. It can’t be taken lightly; it has a deep-seated impact on results and the organization’s culture.

Dispatch from the Super Internet

There’s a much better internet than the one you’re using. Here’s what’s keeping you out.