5 product flops of Google you missed

By Madhav Mohan Sep 20th 2016

Here are some products of Google that went kaput over the years. 

  • Google Products that Flopped

    Google Products that Flopped

    Over a period of 20 years, Google has made a massive impact on the world of IT and has become a household name. While many of Google's inventions continue to thrive, there were many experiments which just did not take off. Here's a list of Google products that bombed. 

  • Google Page Creator

    Google Page Creator

    It was a tool to create web pages, hosted on google servers, without requiring any HTML knowledge from its users. In September 2008, the company said that it will not accept new sign-ups to ‘page creator’, instead asked users to use Google sites. The curtains came down on this service in 2009.


  • Google Health

    Google Health

    In 2008, Google launched Google health, which allowed users to store, manage and share all their health and wellness information in one central place.  In January 2012, Google pulled the plug on this service after not seeing broad impact. 

  • Google Answers

    Google Answers

    Google Answers was operational from 2002-2006. It paid researchers and asked users to bid for a response to their questions. Anyone could ask questions, offer a price for an answer, and researchers, called `Google Answers Researchers' answered them. The asker-accepted answers were priced in the range of $2 to $200.The product was killed in 2006.


  • Google Sidewiki

    Google Sidewiki

    Launched in September 2009, Google Sidewiki was a web annotation tool. It was a browser extension that allowed anyone logged into a Google account to make and view comments on any website. It was killed in December 2011. 

  • Google Labs

    Google Labs

    Google labs was a page created by Google to test new projects. It was a playground where  selected users could play around with prototypes of Google's  upcoming products and give reviews to the engineers who developed them. In July 2011, Google shut down Google Labs. 

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