6 women trailblazers in cloud and analytics you shouldn’t miss

By Mansi Joshi Mar 8th 2017

On the occasion of International Women’s day, here’s a dekko at the top women influencers in cloud and analytics.

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    International Women’s Day commemorates the socio-economic, cultural and political history of women. In today’s digital age, women influencers in tech have not only shattered the glass ceiling, they are a far cry from where it all began--the right to vote. According to NASSCOM estimates, the number of IT firms in India that have more than 20 percent women at senior level will increase to nearly 60 percent in 2017. And nearly 51 percent of firms will have more than 20 percent of women at the C-suite level. We look at some of the most influential women innovators and leaders that are changing the game in cloud and analytics, in India and globally.

  • A Delhi University alumni, Manjula, has over two decades of experience in leading positions in top tech companies. Her journey in tech has been parallel to the evolution of cloud computing. Her expertise includes cloud, internet of things, social, mobile and analytics. She was also instrumental in launching the virtual computing environment (VCE), a collaboration between EMC and Cisco that provided converged infrastructure for enterprises.

  • Margaret Dawson has had leadership roles at Fortune 500 companies, including cloud at HP, security at Microsoft, international ecommerce at Amazon, and currently spearheads integrated solutions at Red Hat. A firm believer in gender diversity, she uses her +20 years of experience to mentor and coach women in tech.

  • Ellen is passionate about building companies from scratch. She was a co-founder of CloudSwitch, which was acquired by Verizon in 2011. A Harvard Business School alumni, she identifies as a serial entrepreneur and likes to dab into disruptive technologies.

  • Ujjyaini has nearly 10 years of experience in big data analytics and cognitive science. She has used her expertise in advanced analytics and data driven actionable insights at various organizations including Mckinsey, Airtel, Flipkart and now at Viacom18. She has a passion for social entrepreneurship and wants to channel the power of analytics for empowering women.

  • A former LinkedIn engineer, she is one of the co-founders of Confluent, an organization that is based on the real time data streaming technology called Apache Kafka. Confluent is raring to go as it recently partnered with Sequoia and raised USD 50 million in Series C funding.

  • An industry veteran with over +20 years of experience, Cindi’s domain of expertise includes visual data discovery, cloud business intelligence, mobile business intelligence. She founded BI scorecard, an evaluation and testing framework for BI technologies. She has authored several books and is passionate about improving recruitment in IT.

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