7 take-aways from Reliance Jio

By Priyanka Ganwani Dec 8th 2016

Reliance Jio completes three months of its trial period, catering to network broadband users across, India. It is now all set to unleash its new plan. Here is what the ‘Jio-journey’ has been like.

  • After 83 days of the launch of Reliance Jio launch in India, the 4G broadband space has seen a churn. Reliance Jio Chairman Mukesh Ambani listed out the company’s milestones.

  • Jio claims to be the world’s fastest tech company (grown faster than Facebook, WhatsApp or Skype) with 50 million customers on its 4G LTE ALL-IP wireless broadband network within 83 days.

  • On an average, a Jio customer is using 25 times more data than the average Indian broadband user.

  • The eKYC was rolled out across two lakh outlets in India and is expected to double with digitally enabled outlets by March 2017.

  • The Jio-sim activation takes place under five minutes and the company has recently introduced the home delivery service.

  • In the last three months, nearly 900 crore voice calls from Jio customers to the networks of three largest competitors were blocked. 

  • About 8% of Jio Towers have experienced congestion due to high data usage. As a result customers served by these towers experienced lower data speeds.

  • Jio customers will get 30 times the average usage on other networks absolutely free till 31st March 2017.

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