Fascinating inventions helping the visually impaired

By Madhav Mohan Jun 20th 2016

Did you know that technology can be used to give light to the blind? Well yes! Here are a few extraordinary innovations that are helping the blind and visually impaired.

  • Helping the visually impaired

    Helping the visually impaired

    Being visually impaired is a horrifying experience. Here are a few technological innovations that can help.

  • Lechal shoes

    Lechal shoes

    Let Lechal shoes be your guide. The insoles of the shoes connect with the app (iOS, Android and Windows) via Bluetooth. As one starts to walk, a vibration will alert the person to take a turn. A buzz in the left shoe signals a person to take a left turn and vice versa.

  • A bionic eye

    A bionic eye

    A small device is implanted on the retinas of patients. The passive device gets activated only when the patients wear corresponding glasses, which have a camera. When the glasses are on, the signal from the camera is converted into electrical impulses on a patient’s eye.

  • Guide dots

    Guide dots

    Guide Dots blends Facebook, Google Maps and powerful crowdsourcing technology to offer the visually impaired a broader awareness of the world around them. It provides a new level of independence, right from calling out locations to tagging route details when friends are nearby. 

  • An app that brings a brailler to your tablet

    An app that brings a brailler to your tablet

    Here is Ibraille notes, a free iOS application, which works only on the iPad. You can use this app to type braille notes and do some wordprocessing. The app puts the keys where the user places his fingers.

  • Finger reader

    Finger reader

    Researchers at MIT have developed a new technology that helps the vision-impaired to comprehend any printed text without the use of braille. It is a 3D-printed ring-like device that is fitted with a small camera that scans and reads words out loud in real-time.


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