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Great Apps for the London 2012 Olympics

Daniel Ionescu and Michael Homnick July 27, 2012
Use these apps to follow your favorite athlete, get quick results, socially network about the Olympics, play games, or even look up rules for obscure sports.
  • Starting on July 27, keep a phone or tablet near you, and these apps for iOS and Android will keep you in the loop. The apps will provide you with all the action and drama from the London games, and we've included a few extra ones that will let you have some Olympic-themed fun, as well.

  • The NBC Olympics Live Extra app will be the best and only way besides TV coverage to watch every London Olympics event live and for free. You’ll be able to watch simulcasts of all the Olympics programming on NBC’s cable channels. Download (free) for Android | iOS

  • The official Join In app for the Olympic Games is useful whether you have tickets to any of the events or are watching from home. It has complete listings of the events happening in London during the games, with maps and directions for all venues. Download (free) for Android | iOS

  • IntoNow is a free app that tells you exactly what TV show or movie you’re watching by listening in for a few seconds.You’ll also be able to see who else is watching the same thing and communicate with them in the app, or on Facebook and Twitter. Download (free) for Android | iOS

  • NBC has a second app for the Olympics, but this one is to check news, videos, and photo highlights from the games for every sport, as well as all the athletes from Team USA. Download (free) for Android | iOS

  • London 2012 Official Mobile Game :Instead of just watching the games, train your fingers to participate, via your mobile device, in any of nine Olympic sports, including hurdles, swimming, jumping, and archery. Download (free) for Android | iOS

  • The BBC has the rights to stream content only in the United Kingdom, but the international version will feature clips from the events, and the app will use your location (your country) to personalize content to enhance your support of that team. Download (free) for Android | iOS

  • London 2012: Results: The official Results app for the London games does not have live streaming video, but you will get live results and updates, as well as medal tables and athlete profiles. Download (free) for Android | iOS

  • The Reuters Olympics London 2012 app is terrific if you’re looking for great Olympics photography. The app also will offer access to Reuters editorial content, medal tables, event schedules, game results, and social media. Download (free) for iOS only

  •, an app that aggregates and maps location-tagged social media, will let you hear from fans who are there at this year’s Olympics. You can either navigate to London in the app or use it’s new "trending places" feature to peruse tweets and other social media from those users. Download (free) for Android | iOS

  • Bonus: Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports is a nicely designed app that features explanations, facts, tips, tactics, and stories from 74 different sports. It's a handy way to understand a sport you don't know well or to win bar bets. Download ($0.99) for iOS

Source: PC World (US)