Networking Pioneers by Juniper

By CIO Aug 25th 2017

The Networking Pioneer CIO 100 Special Award honors IT leaders for supporting their businesses in addressing challenges such as scalability and growth through their robust networking framework.

  • The Networking Pioneer Award honors IT leaders for supporting their businesses in addressing challenges such as scalability and growth through their robust networking framework.

  • Sajan K Paul, CTO, Juniper-India and SAARC, unveiling the Networking Pioneers award, for executives who have demonstrated immense commitment and innovation.

  • Gyan Pandey, CIO of Aurobindo Pharma, won the award for implementing the project ‘Sanyukt Samparka’, which is a unified communication-collaboration tool.

  • Suresh Iyer, CIO of Blue Star, won the award for implementing rView Remote Monitoring System, which helps in continually monitoring performance from a central command centre for better customer experience.

  • Manoj Kumbhat, Senior VP and Global CIO of HCL Technologies, won the award for implementing digital analytics to generate immediate actionable insights to support growth.

  • Sanjay Kotha, Senior VP and CIO of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages, won the award, for initiating a project that ensures a total and comprehensive disentanglement from the Coca-Cola Domain and creation of HCCBPL as a true Company Owned Bottler with all IT Services.

  • M.K.Chaudhary, Executive Director and CIO of ONGC, won the award, for Microwave offshore and onshore project to meet full gamut of IT and telecommunication needs.

  • Mukul Jain, of DHFL Pramercia Life Insurance Company, won the award, for the implementation of application that would've created a significant and lasting positive impact on a line of business which was contributing more than 60 percent of company’s top line and poised it for growing further with acceptable risk controls.

  • Rupesh Nain of JCB India, won the award, for improved VC performance and consistent DMS operations.

  • The proud winners of the Networking Pioneer Award, display their trophies, with Sajan K Paul, Juniper-India and SAARC (fourth from left).

Information and communication are two of the most critical strategic issues for the success of every enterprise. While today, nearly every organization uses a substantial number of computer and communication tools they are often still isolated. And to overcome these obstacles, a resilient network is a necessity as it is the single greatest vehicle of knowledge, understanding and human advancement.
But with the humungous increase in the number of users, businesses today are facing a huge upsurge on the network traffic growth owing to the growing base of employees, partners, and customers. The stress on the network has been continuously evolving. CIOs cannot meet this challenge with traditional network architectures.
In order to survive this demand, an enterprise needs a platform that can scale up and yet simplify operations. Juniper has been redefining the network landscape and helping customers enable smarter and more efficient businesses. The CIO100 Networking Pioneers, in association with CIO, honors those organizations that have created impeccable underlying connections and frameworks to keep enterprise data flowing, while addressing issues of growth, scale, and cost optimization. 
This slideshow showcases the networking pioneers of 2016.

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