Technologies to look out for at Rio Olympics

By Noah D'Mello Aug 3rd 2016

On Friday, the world will be witness to the biggest sporting event of the year. Let us take a look at what technology has to offer at Rio 2016.

  • Tech at Olympics

    Tech at Olympics

    Gone are the days (or centuries) when Olympics were just about athletes showing off their sporting skills in exchange for laurels. To keep up, we have evolved leaps and bounds and entered a tech-savvy Olympic era. Let’s take a look at some of the technologies that will participate in this year’s Olympics.

  • Big data for bigger victory

    Big data for bigger victory

    So many instances of big data around the world—it is our superstar technology. So how can it be left behind at the Olympics? Among the many teams and athletes that will be banking on analytics, Great Britain’s rowing unit, Olympian boxing champion Nicola Adams, and German sailor Philip Buhl will unleash the power of data analytics for the Olympic gold.

  • A 3D printed world

    A 3D printed world

    German para-cyclist Denise Schindler, in collaboration with Autodesk, will be the first cyclist to compete using a fully 3D printed prosthetic leg. Nike has used 3D printing technology to develop a spike plate on runner’s shoe for the running events. Anything for that millisecond victory!

  • A different view

    A different view

    Put on your funky glasses and say hello to virtual reality! The Olympics Broadcasting Services will be partially filming the Olympics in VR and 8K video. However, the events, which include opening and closing ceremonies, boxing, gymnastics and volleyball, will be available only for those owning the Samsung Gear VR headset.

  • Wearing the right technology

    Wearing the right technology

    It is no secret that what you wear at the event has a part in your victory/defeat. From antimicrobial suits for the aquatic team to augmented reality glasses for cyclists, technology is literally on you! To that extent, the US contingent will be wearing Ralph Lauren’s illuminating flag bearer jacket!

  • One ring to rule them all

    One ring to rule them all

    Visa will be the only card that will be accepted across all the Olympic venues. Capitalizing on this exclusivity, Visa has introduced a new ring for the athletes, currently 45 sponsored by Visa, which can be used for payments by just waving their hands. Making life easier for the athlete, one payment at a time!

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