Women in Indian IT Companies: A Look at the Numbers

By Ershad Kaleebullah Jun 15th 2012
We discover the percentage of women working in seven major IT companies in India which helps understand the workforce demographics.
  • Women's empowerment in India has always been a cause of concern. However, it is heartening to note that our little study found, on an average, women held 28.9 per cent jobs in seven major IT organisations in India.

  • The US Department of Labor figures for 2011 (annual) indicate that women employees formed 29.3 per cent, marginally higher than our study of Indian women in IT, of the workforce in computer and software sector in US.

  • Infosys, one of India’s top IT companies, employs close to 1.5 lakh employees. With 34 per cent female workforce, the company secures the top spot. (As of end of first quarter, March 2012)

  • Zensar, a Pune-based sister concern of RPG, is the youngest IT company in this list. A lean organisation with just 6185 employees, female employees constitute 32 per cent of the total workforce. (As of end of first quarter, March 2012)

  • India’s largest IT Company in terms of number of employees (2,38,583), Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), has 30 percent women working in the organisation. (As of end of first quarter, March 2012)

  • Occupying the fifth spot in this list is Wipro technologies. The company which started off as a manufacturer of Vanaspati oil and soaps is now a booming IT organisation employing 135,920 people. Women form 30 per cent of the workforce. (As of end of first quarter, March 2012)

  • Strong rumours surrounding Hexaware state that Tokyo-based NEC is in talks with the company to buy a controlling stake. A strong player in the Indian IT sector, Hexaware employs 8624 people and only 26 per cent are women. (As of end of first quarter, March 2012)

  • iGate acquired Patni in 2011 in what may be considered as one of the largest M&As in the domestic information technology (IT) industry. iGate has 27100 employees and 25.5 per cent of them are women. (As of end of first quarter, March 2012)

  • Languishing at the bottom of the list is Mphasis. This IT company is a unit of Hewlett-Packard based out of Bangalore and has only 25 percent women in its workforce of 40,246. (As of end of first quarter, March 2012)


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