Topic: artificial intelligence

Should Microsoft help the Pentagon ‘increase lethality’?

Selling its AI and cloud expertise for use in Project JEDI might be patriotic — or a violation of its stated principles.

Uniden adds Artificial Intelligence functionality to Wired surveillance range

Uniden has announced that their new Guardian GXVR ​wired home security range features AI functionality, cloud back up and remote access with notifications communicated directly to a smart device.

IBM to move Watson Health to a hybrid cloud

IBM is moving its Watson Cognitive Health services to a hybrid cloud model that it said will give customers greater access to a larger pool of payer and health record information for data analytics.

How to craft effective data science job descriptions

Finding good data science talent starts with a killer job description. Here’s how to get it right.

How AI powers the Wall Street Journal's dynamic paywall

A projection displays information from two Wall Street Journal readers: one a city dweller who has read five articles from across the paper in two weeks, all through social media. The other lives in a rural area and has read two stories from the business section via search. Who is more likely to subscribe? The WSJ has been doggedly crunching data to answer questions such as these.

10 must-have skills for ITSM pros

If you work in IT service management, these are the 10 skills you’ll need in order to be successful in the years ahead.

Digital twins to pass from objects to production flows in 2019

The creation of a digital twin will be increasingly applied to entire production processes. 

Dubber brings call recording to IBM Watson

Melbourne-headquartered Dubber has signed a deal with IBM that will see Dubber's cloud-based call recording solution combined with Watson AI.

Why open source is struggling with app security and diversity

Linus Torvalds is back in charge of Linux. With that elephant out of the room - what else might the Linux Foundation be keen to address?

Blockchain developers in demand: Skills gap means higher pay

Demand for blockchain developers continues to skyrocket, with the number of full-time job openings exceeding 12,000 – a growth rate of 400% over the past year.

Managing the Analytics Life Cycle for Decisions at Scale

Analytical models are at the heart of critical business decisions. They can identify new opportunities, help you forge new or better relationships with customers, and enable you to manage uncertainty and risks.

A Comprehensive Approach to Big Data Governance, Data Management and Analytics

SAS offers a comprehensive approach to supporting big data management, analytics and governance − whether that data is in stream, in Spark, in database or in Hadoop.