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The OSI model explained: How to understand (and remember) the 7 layer network model

A tutorial on the Open Systems Interconnection networking reference model and tips on and how to memorize the seven layers

IoT roundup: Content delivery networks make a play for IoT business

Akamai and Limelight ramp up edge networking; Splunk gets into industrial IoT management and monitoring.

Domino's Pizza bets on the future of voice ordering with Twilio

When we think about pizza delivery, we don’t generally think cutting edge technology. But pizza king Domino's has pivoted firmly into being a digital-first corporation.

How we selected 10 hot business continuity startups to watch

Here's the process used to winnow down the possible candidates for mention in our business-continuity roundup.

How a UK NHS Trust adopted 'virtual workers' to process GP referrals

East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust has taken the first step into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology within the NHS, trialling a 'virtual employee' which will automatically process thousands of GP referrals a week.

Paytm enters Japan with PayPay mobile wallet

Paytm's Japanese mobile wallet service is rolled out in partnership with PayPay Corporation, a joint venture between the Japanese SoftBank and Yahoo Japan. 

Atlassian revamps Jira Software, adds roadmaps tool

The redesign follows a multi-year migration of the popular issue-tracking app to the AWS cloud and the acquisition last year of Trello.

The best office apps for Android

Create an optimal Android office app power-pack with these thoroughly researched recommendations.

Critics warn Microsoft it needs to fix broken update process

Microsoft's decision this month to stop distribution of the fall feature upgrade to Windows 10 is only the latest sign of a broken update process. Upset users want that fixed.

Facebook is making some awful changes to WhatsApp

Pretty much everyone I know uses WhatsApp. It’s free, it’s private, it’s easy to use and it just works. Facebook has some big changes planned and honestly, the writing was always on the wall. It costs nothing to use it and half the world uses it.

Microsoft offers to kill more bloatware with a new Windows 10 build

An Insider build of Windows 10 for next year's "19H1" update includes a way for Windows users to get rid of more Windows apps that they may never use.

Managing the Analytics Life Cycle for Decisions at Scale

Analytical models are at the heart of critical business decisions. They can identify new opportunities, help you forge new or better relationships with customers, and enable you to manage uncertainty and risks.