Business Management

The Domino’s pizza of biryani

Anurag Mehrota, cofounder and Gautam Singh, CTO of Charcoal Biryani speak about how the company wants to be a pan-India provider of biryani.

How to pick the best requirements management tool

Inaccurate requirements management accounts for almost half of project failures. Aimed at helping IT and business leaders improve their odds for success, Seilevel, a business analysis and consulting company, has compiled a report evaluating 22 top requirements management tools.

Security is the first mantra: Parag Arora, Citrix

We build a platform that is secure by design and we believe that, if you are building a fundamental block in a secure manner, then eventually how you access services is irrelevant because the basic building block is secure, says Parag Arora, area vice president - India, Citrix.

When the call to management comes

Entering the management track can sneak up on you. That’s why you should ask yourself whether you want to be a manager before the opportunity presents itself.

Why meeting face-to-face still trumps videoconferencing

Many have tried and many have failed to build a videoconferencing system that was affordable and practical. Logitech has recently come up with a system addresses the tech issues. However, columnist Rob Enderle writes that folks still prefer meeting face-to-face.

40 years of Apple: The good, bad and ugly

On April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer Inc. to sell a personal computer kit. 40 years later, the company, now called Apple, is the largest IT company by revenue in the world. How did it happen?

The biggest tech breakups

The IT industry is riddled with acquisitions and mergers. Lately, companies splitting up are making headlines. Which ones made the most impact on the industry? Let’s find out.