Business Management

10 Must Attend Sessions at NASSCOM 2016 (ILF)

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2016 is about to take off on Wednesday with several interesting keynotes and interactive sessions involving experts from India and beyond. Here are the ones you shouldn’t miss.

How to Achieve Better Third-party Security

No enterprise is an island. In a connected world, a business cannot function without multiple relationships with third parties--outside vendors, contractors, affiliates, partners, and others.

Indian Aerospace takes flight in 2016

Mahindra Aerospace is the first private company to manufacture aircrafts in India. The man at the helm, Arvind Mehra shares the company’s vision and its roadmap for the ‘Make in India’ initiative, and how it gives wings to Indian manufacturing.

Shared Economy Models Are the Future

The sharing economy is empowering a new class of micro-entrepreneurs who are financially rewarded for their services and are improving income levels across the socio-economic segments.

IT Skills and Career Trends in 2016

With the SMAC stack redefining the IT landscape, organizations are looking at upskilling, maintaining, and reskilling talent differently from the way they have done in the past.