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What is the MEAN stack? JavaScript web applications

The web application stack powered by MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node.js leverages JavaScript from top to bottom

Artificial Intelligence is a Reality Across Indian Organizations : Sanjay Podder, Accenture

CIOs should adopt newer technologies like AI, machine learning, robotics to witness business transformation, says Sanjay Podder, MD, Accenture Techlabs.

Google Cloud launches AI Hub to simplify machine learning deployment

Google Cloud is launching two new tools to help customers design, launch and keep track of their machine learning algorithms.

New 5G Intel modem suggests inclusion in Apple 5G phones

Intel’s new 5G modem, the XMM 8160, is set to be released to phone manufacturers in the second half of 2019 which suggests we will see them in devices at some point in early 2020.

Seagate is testing a blockchain ledger to track hard drives

Seagate and IBM have partnered to build a blockchain distributed ledger to track tens of millions of hard drives as they move through the supply chain from array manufacturers to technology integrators.

Inside the beating heart of Microsoft’s expanding Azure empire

As customers around the world increase adoption of Azure, including 95 per cent of the Fortune 500, Microsoft has built a cloud control room to meed demand.

Royole Introduces the world's first foldable Smartphone

Flexible displays appear to be the newest battleground in the Smartphone market. With industry giants Samsung and LG racing to bring a foldable product to market, Royole appears to have beaten them to the punch with the FlexPai.

How AI powers the Wall Street Journal's dynamic paywall

A projection displays information from two Wall Street Journal readers: one a city dweller who has read five articles from across the paper in two weeks, all through social media. The other lives in a rural area and has read two stories from the business section via search. Who is more likely to subscribe? The WSJ has been doggedly crunching data to answer questions such as these.

Windows 10 updates: Tips to save yourself the headache

While you shouldn't block Windows 10 updates, you can manage them in Settings. Buying Windows 10 Pro, may be the best solution, though.

AMD VS Intel: What's The Best Processor?

With Intel's 9th generation processors just being announced, the ball is back in AMD's court for the next step forward in consumer CPUs. The looming presence of 7 and 10nm architecture draws closer too and the race to produce a stable product will shift the market heavily towards the company that pulls it off first

What is a Java servlet? Request handling for Java web applications

The Java Servlet API is part of the Java EE stack, providing URL mapping and request handling capabilities for Java web applications

Samsung buys analytics firm Zhilabs for 5G capability expansion

Samsung wants to leverage Zhilabs in improving its 5G network rollouts, as well as to ensure quality services related to automated driving and IoT.