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IndiaChain: Inside GoI's blockchain network

After decrying the use of cryptocurrency, GoI has become serious about adopting blockchain across governance systems. Will it work?

5 things you need to know about Java 9

Here are five of the most exciting changes that should encourage you to adopt Java 9. 

Here's how Aussie retailers may turn to tech to compete with Amazon

Amazon’s entry into Australia stands to drive local retailers to focus on segment-specific knowledge, while increasing investment in technology.

Paytm cries foul; NPCI directs WhatsApp to follow standard rules

WhatsApp recently announced its venture into payment banking system and amid this update Paytm founder alleges foul play by the former.

CtrlS launches Bangalore’s 1st Tier-4 Datacentre

The company is now launching Bangalore’s 1st Tier-4 Datacentre, assessed as one of the largest Tier-4 datacentres in South India.

IMAX Program raises USD 13.5m to invest in product innovation

The ed-tech startup raised the funds from Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, LGT Impact Ventures, and existing investor Aspada.

Epicor Expands its technology center in India

Epicor opens new office premises in Bangalore and announces hiring plans to expand its workforce by 25 percent over the next year.

Australia's Commonwealth Bank to import commercial blockchain solution scaled-up in South Africa

​Commonwealth Bank of Australia has hinted at plans to import the “commercialised blockchain solution” it has successfully trialed in South Africa.

6 use cases for blockchain in security

Blockchain has the potential to improve encryption and authentication, and that could be good news for IoT security and DDoS protection.

What’s new in Python 3.7

Python 3.7 adds new classes for data handling, optimizations for script compilation and garbage collection, and faster asynchronous I/O

Why Linux is better than Windows or macOS for security

Decisions made years ago about which operating system to roll out can affect corporate security today. Of the big three in widespread use, one can credibly be called the most secure.

Cloud will drive the API democracy: Bikram Singh Bedi, AWS

Bikram Singh Bedi, Head (India Region), Amazon Internet Services, explains why the cloud is at the heart of digital innovation, and why Amazon Web Services (AWS) is way ahead of the curve.