Nine Things to Consider Before Accepting that IT Job Offer

Changing jobs is one of the most traumatic professional experiences of your life. Throughout the hiring process you are being evaluated. However, it shouldn't be a one-way street.



IoT Could Help Give your Local Area its Own Power Grid

The Internet of Things is mostly about achieving greater scale, but in the case of an upcoming demonstration project, it will show how electrical grids can work at a smaller scale.

IBM Drills into the Energy Industry for Cognitive Computing Advances

A new partnership with Spanish energy company Repsol may lower the costs of finding new oil fields.

Indian Firms Most Confident of Overcoming IT Disruptions in APAC: EMC

While Indian organizations seem to be more confident in their ability to overcome disruptive IT incidents than their counterparts in the APAC regions, they where also on an average lagging behind the likes of firms from the US, and most BRICS nations in terms of maturity.