Indian Media and Entertainment Industry Leads Digitization Amid Challenges

All indicators show that the Indian media and entertainment industry will go the digital way and the use of cloud computing will gain a strong foothold.

Analytics Plays Hero at The Box Office

IBM’s advanced analytics helps film makers predict beforehand the outcome of their upcoming movies. 

Essar Eases Employee Communication Using Video Streaming

Essar created its own video channel, creating a secure, engaging and entertaining way to communicate with a large base of employees spread across multiple locations.



Big Market for Compute Stick in India

A device called PC-on-stick can plug into any HDMI TV or monitor, and turn it into a fully functional computer; and what’s more – It can do the job for less that Rs 10,000. The device can turn any LED or LCD monitor with an HDMI port into a PC.

10 Amazing, Creative uses of Tech – and the Brands Behind Them

From drones playing football (for Pepsi) to augmented reality driving glasses (for Mini), Richard Dodgson takes us through his favourite inventive uses of tech in ad campaigns.

The five Coolest Projects at AT&T Labs

These days, researchers at AT&T Labs are focusing on cars, smart homes, wearables and health apps, judging by projects showcased at the company's Research Day. This year's exhibit, held Friday in New York, was more practical than previous ones, with many projects being close to release.



Dear Amazon and Apple: It's time for a team-up

I love team-ups. Whether it be the Avengers or Ed Exley and Bud White, there's nothing I enjoy more than that moment where a couple of at-odds, would-be heroes put aside their differences and instead work together towards a common goal.



8 Ways Technology Kicked Off the FIFA 2014 World Cup

The FIFA 2014 World Cup is as much about the adrenaline and the glory of winning as it is about technology this year. New high-tech innovations are not only assisting decision-makers but also enhancing the football fans' delight.