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Windows 10 cheat sheet

Get to know the interface, features and shortcuts in Microsoft's latest operating system.

New kids on the block: AR-VR, wearables and 3D printing

SMAC architecture is passé, and every sector is now headed to a time of augmented reality-virtual reality, wearables, and 3D printing

Mobility strategy of the future: How APIs will change the game

In an era where people are customers and so are things, enterprises need to up their mobility strategy and APIs is the savior for the future.

Digitized data in India to explode in 2018: Vivek Tyagi, Western Digital

The digitally connected enterprises will spike the demand for high capacity storage devices, says Vivek Tyagi, Director - Business Development at Western Digital India

Unity Technologies and Tata Elxsi launch centre of excellence

The Centre of Excellence establishes a global innovation platform to help customers accelerate digital transformation.

Star attraction: Neeraj Shridhar of Bombay Vikings
Business is fun. 
And there is more fun around. 
The hardest part about talking to robots isn't what you think. host Jimmy Conrad visit's Japan Factory to take in the latest and greatest from, yep, Japan. If the future is talking robots, looks like it's going to be tough to get a word in edge-wise...

Machine learning comes to Tour De France

At this year’s mega cycling event, Dimension Data’s data analytics will incorporate machine learning and combine live and historical race data to provide deeper levels of insight.

Positron’s Voyager is a full-motion chair for VR cinema
This tilting, swivelling chair helps you feel utterly immersed in VR. We tried it with Tom Cruise's The Mummy at SXSW.
Why car companies need to become tech companies
The biggest risk any industry faces is its inability to change. In the automobile industry, if things don’t change, columnist Rob Enderele writes, there are likely to be fewer car companies left, especially U.S. car companies.
11 predictions for the future of programming
Our coding crystal ball clues you into the twists and turns your programming career may take in the years ahead.
2016 in review: The year in Android
Virtual reality, Google's Pixel phones, exploding Note7s, and everything else that made 2016 a year to remember.