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How far can Artificial Intelligence go?

Apple has acquired a company called Emotient, which can interpret people's emotions as they watch videos. But such a system may be mostly useless.

Dear Amazon and Apple: It's time for a team-up

I love team-ups. Whether it be the Avengers or Ed Exley and Bud White, there's nothing I enjoy more than that moment where a couple of at-odds, would-be heroes put aside their differences and instead work together towards a common goal.

Seven disruptions that will shape the future

The economic operating system of the world will be rewritten as the future holds no ordinary disruptions. Be prepared to face the new reality as we walk you through the technological innovations that will hit you soon.

8 Ways Technology Kicked Off the FIFA 2014 World Cup

The FIFA 2014 World Cup is as much about the adrenaline and the glory of winning as it is about technology this year. New high-tech innovations are not only assisting decision-makers but also enhancing the football fans' delight.