I-Day Special: Balancing Life to Beat Stress

Feeling overwhelmed at work?  Planning a trip to the therapist? Believe me, you are not alone.  Log out and breathe easy. A little creativity and some time off for your brain, can change the way you look at your life. Take up hobbies, play games and prioritize work, to live a stress free life.



CeBIT Partners with Consortium of Electronic Industries of Karnataka to Promote State’s Electronics Sector

This partnership will provide a platform to its 400 member MSMEs from the state to connect with global players in the ESDM ecosystem.

IBM's machine-learning crystal ball can foresee renewable energy availability

IBM has developed a computer system that can learn about weather from thousands of data points and predict days -- even weeks -- in advance how much power from solar and wind farms will be available for the U.S. power grid.

Facebook to Use all Renewable Energy in its Next Data Center

Facebook is building a new data center in Fort Worth, Texas, that will be powered entirely by renewable energy.