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Box CEO Aaron Levie calls for international data protection agreement

GDPR has brought a new level of data protection to the European Union, but rather than replicate the regulation in the USA, Box CEO Aaron Levie wants a global agreement on privacy standards.

Domain Name Industry in India crossed the 5 million mark

With over 50 percent market share, Maharashtra, Delhi/NCR, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka emerge as the top states that have witnessed the most growth.

Businesses join to create enterprise standard for blockchain networks

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a group made up of 500 businesses, has published its first standard for a business-centric distributed ledger that promises to speed up transactions while increasing privacy.

There’s not an app for that: the road to transformation starts with a look in the mirror

There’s a happy medium between full transformation and none at all, and it comes down to knowing what you have and what you need

How a British SMB survived a nightmarish cryptolocker ransom attack

When a small business client of managed services provider Ignite had all its files hit by a massive cryptolocker infection, things could have gone a lot worse.

The best free BI tools, 2018

Business intelligence platforms can help enterprises analyze data from various sources to inform decision-making. The six free tools highlighted here are among the best and most popular today.

Tech Talk: As GDPR looms, companies rush to comply

Our tech experts take a look at what the May 25 deadline for compliance with new EU privacy rules means, and how companies are struggling to make sure they're ready.

Rio Tinto’s autonomous trains get regulator’s go-ahead

​Rio Tinto’s AutoHaul project has been granted accreditation by Australia's national rail regulator to run its autonomous trains without a driver in the cab.

What is blockchain? The most disruptive tech in decades

The distributed ledger technology, better known as blockchain, has the potential to eliminate huge amounts of record-keeping, save money and disrupt IT in ways not seen since the internet arrived.

Easy mobile security the Faraday way

Wireless attacks are unpredictable and complicated. Here’s an easy way to block everything.

UK government proposals for IoT security neglect risks posed by consumers

U.K. government plans to secure the internet of things will have limited success as they ignore the risk posed by consumers, according to a leading security expert.

10 Hot IoT startups to watch

With 20 billion internet of things devices online by 2020, the challenges and rewards are great for the top 10 startups hoping to capitalize on connected devices.