Case Study

iPad App Helps Forest Service Distribute Maps for Firefighters

The U.S. Forest Service deploys a mobile map application for firefighters and emergency responders to use in the field and for tactical planning.



Voice Calls from Planes: A Social Debate, Not a Technology Dilemma

The in-flight voice services of airlines that allow voice calling use small cellular base stations onboard planes called picocells, which communicate with the main cell network via satellite to reduce interference.

Cybercrime 'Much Bigger Than al Qaeda' in the US

Security experts confirm concern outlined by US Department of Homeland Security Secretary in recent speech



My Job is to Hallucinate: Unisys CTO

Jim Thompson, CTO, Unisys, talks to Computerworld India about the company’s Forward! solution, the state of the Unix mission critical market and how India figures in Unisys’s future plans.



Computerworld Tech Update: 02 - 06 December, 2013

In this roundup of tech news from ComputerWorld for the week 02 - 06 December, 2013, we talk about Amazon Drone, Twitter fake followers, Indian Smartphone market, Botnet and Google's Compute Engine.

Computerworld Tech Update: 18 - 22 Nov, 2013

In this roundup of tech news for the week 18 - 22 November, 2013 we talk about Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and the Indian IT market.

Computerworld Tech Update: 28 - 31 Oct, 2013

In this roundup of tech news for the week 28 - 31 October, 2013 we talk about Infosys, Dell, cyber crime and enterprise cloud.



H-1B Applications Surge to 172,500, Twice the Cap

The U.S. received twice as many H-1B visa petitions as it can give out under its 85,000 visa cap, and is thus distributing the visas via lottery.

UK Government Pays Microsoft £5.5m to Extend Windows XP Support

The UK government has signed a £5.548 million contract with Microsoft for a year's worth of Windows XP support after the operating system's support reaches end of life on 8 April.

Singapore Tops Digital Government Ranking; India Ranked Eighth

Singapore has been ranked first in a new comparative study by Accenture that analyses use of "digital government," in 10 nations.



Secure Smartphones are Nice, but Not Enough

Everybody talks about smartphone security. But who's going to do something about it?

2014: Time to Rethink Privacy

Companies have to fully confront the privacy issues they face and rethink their policies from the bottom up.

4 Lessons in Choosing Your IT Vendor

In light of the failure of, let's look at four key criteria that help you determine if a vendor is qualified to run your IT project.