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PayPal steps it up with OpenStack

Payment pro PayPal recently migrated from VMware to OpenStack. Sri Shivananda, the man who spearheaded the migration talks about the rationale behind the move, and shares his two cents' worth for CIOs contemplating a cloud switch.

Is ICD-10 healthcare’s Y2K moment?

A massive change is about to hit the healthcare industry. Some are even calling ICD-10 healthcare’s Y2K, only this time it’s real. So why aren’t more doctors ready for it? And why does no one seem to care or even know about it?

Inside one fashion retailer’s creative cloud collaboration

Retail brands and stores have challenges most other business never have to deal with, not least of which is a massively diverse customer base with fickle tastes and a penchant for ‘I want it now’ consumerism. Here’s how one company is using the cloud to stay a step ahead of its demanding clientele.

How to Apply Lean Methodology to IT

Lean methodology espouses continuous improvement of all processes by eliminating waste in everything the company does. Here's how to go about implementing it.

Automatic dongle turns your vehicle in a 'smart car'

Automatic's connected dongle and mobile apps give your 'dumb' car some digital smarts. The device is easy to install and the mobile apps are intuitive, but we found a number of reasons to hit the brakes before you buy.