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Javalin 2.0 supports WebJars web libraries, JSON modularization

Javalin 2.0 provides interoperability between Java and Kotlin.

SAP pilots blockchain-based supply chain tracker

SAP has created a consortium of business partners to help it craft applications for a cloud-based blockchain platform that can track goods from creation to shipment to manufacturer as part of an automated supply chain system.

Delaware to test blockchain-based business filing system

The state envisions a blockchain network that lets firms incorporating in Delaware automate business processes and will allow regulators and investors to track stocks and assets in real time.

5 things you need to know about Java 9

Here are five of the most exciting changes that should encourage you to adopt Java 9. 

Stack Overflow reveals the most-disliked programming languages

Stack Overflow Jobs data shows that developers would prefer not to work with Perl, Delphi, Visual Basic, and PHP

Open Source: Know It Before You Embrace It

Here’s what you need to know before you embark on that open source project.

HackerRank and Microsoft Bing collaborate to create ace search engine for coders

Microsoft Bing and HackerRank have joined forces to provide programmers an easy way to search codes online. What takes the cake is the fact that the code runs on a live code editor within Bing’s search engine, and displays the output in the search result. 

Sick of Flash Security Holes? HTML5 has its Own
HTML5 makes security more complex, not simpler. HTML5 security has been a question mark for years and it has not improved over the years.
Java devs abhor Oracle's plan to kill private APIs
Key Java proponents are up in arms over the planned elimination of private API capabilities, specifically sun.Misc.unsafe, in the upcoming Java Standard Edition 9 release.
Red Hat Takes the Reins of OpenJDK 7
Red Hat is taking over stewardship of the OpenJDK 7 project, at the moment a generation behind the current release of Java.
MEAN vs. LAMP for the future of programming
The transition from cutting-edge curiosity to practical workhorse is not one that many technologies make. Yesterday's precocious upstarts often fail to live up to their Version 0.1 promise -- not so for the technologies that make up the fiercely acronymized MEAN stack.
Microsoft, Google, Mozilla Team Up to Build a Faster Web
Web apps and pages may soon get a speed boost to rival the performance of native desktop and mobile applications, thanks to a new standards initiative from Microsoft, Google and Mozilla.