Topic: machine learning

How Google is looking to ensure AI development is ethical and fair

Following the announcement earlier this week of Google Cloud's AI Hub and Kubeflow Pipelines tools, Rajen Sheth, director of product management for Cloud AI, has outlined how the technology giant is working to ensure that its AI work is ethical and fair.

Oracle CEO: I go through each day not wanting to get ‘the call’

Everyone from bedroom hackers to nation states is trying to hack Oracle, its chief executive officer Mark Hurd has told Computerworld.

YotaScale puts predictive analytics into cloud ops

Now working on AWS, the platform provides insights into cloud deployments

UiPath launches three immersion labs to show off its AI capabilities

UiPath is launching a set of Automation First Immersion Labs, where the New York-based robotic process automation (RPA) software vendor will show off its AI capabilities.

Should Microsoft help the Pentagon ‘increase lethality’?

Selling its AI and cloud expertise for use in Project JEDI might be patriotic — or a violation of its stated principles.

FIFA hack threatens further embarrassment to football's governing body

The computer systems of FIFA have been hacked once again and the football federation is braced for more damaging leaks of confidential information.

How to craft effective data science job descriptions

Finding good data science talent starts with a killer job description. Here’s how to get it right.

How AI powers the Wall Street Journal's dynamic paywall

A projection displays information from two Wall Street Journal readers: one a city dweller who has read five articles from across the paper in two weeks, all through social media. The other lives in a rural area and has read two stories from the business section via search. Who is more likely to subscribe? The WSJ has been doggedly crunching data to answer questions such as these.

10 must-have skills for ITSM pros

If you work in IT service management, these are the 10 skills you’ll need in order to be successful in the years ahead.

Digital twins to pass from objects to production flows in 2019

The creation of a digital twin will be increasingly applied to entire production processes. 

Key takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2018; focus on autonomous cloud

At Oracle's annual flagship event, the company revealed plans for a next generation of cloud, fueled by intelligent and autonomous technologies. 

Cloudera cofounder Mike Olson talks Hortonworks merger and the future of Big Data

Back in October it was announced that Cloudera and Hortonworks had agreed on a merger, bringing together two heavily VC-backed companies specialising in enterprise versions of open source big data technologies, specifically Hadoop and Spark, under one roof.