Case Study

Mahindra Group Maps Mobility with an App

Mahindra Group has launched an all-purpose mobile app, a company-wide initiative, to improve mobility adoption by its employees.

How Micro Inks Virtualized Core Apps and Got Rid of Downtime

Micro Inks was growing at a rapid pace and it needed an infrastructure that could not only handle the load but also ensure zero downtime and uninterrupted business continuity. That's when Head-IT Mayank Desai decided to revamp the company's entire IT infrastructure and move all its core apps to a virtualized environment.

How Omniactive Curbed Losses and Saved Costs Using a Mobile App

When inaccurate data began to eat at Omnikan’s profits—the marigold managed farming arm of Omniactive—the company turned to a mobile app and weeded out losses.



How IT is Helping Shalimar Paints Re-invent the Business

India’s oldest paint company is expanding its business and is entering the decorative segment. And IT’s playing a big role. 

The MacBook Pro: An Origin Story

Every component in the Apple MacBook Pro takes a long, interesting journey before it ends up in your hands, and the 'Assembled in China' tag is only just the beginning.



How to Apply Lean Methodology to IT

Lean methodology espouses continuous improvement of all processes by eliminating waste in everything the company does. Here's how to go about implementing it.



Stanford Lab Research Could Result in Faster, Lighter Electronics

Inside the Stanford campus—deep in the basement—physicists are working on a project that is proving theories about the ways in which electrons act.



Foxconn to Invest $5B to Set up First of up to 12 Factories in India

As part of its plan to set up to 12 manufacturing facilities in India by 2020, contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group is investing US$5 billion in a factory and other facilities in the western Indian state of Maharashtra.

Indian Manufacturing Sector Adopts IoT to Innovate: IDC

International Data Corporation (IDC), India released a report that states various use cases of IoT as a tool for innovation in the manufacturing sector.

No Takers for Nokia’s Ghost Plant in Chennai

They came, they saw, and they walked away. That seems to be the story of Nokia’s unsuccessful attempt to sell its Chennai mobile manufacturing plant, which has been frozen over the Rs 21,000 crore tax dispute. 



Smartphones? Dumb Move

At a time when even established smartphone players are struggling, HP and Lenovo announce their entry into the market. But right now, it seems like a dumb strategy.