How to Apply Lean Methodology to IT

Lean methodology espouses continuous improvement of all processes by eliminating waste in everything the company does. Here's how to go about implementing it.

How Ujjivan is Using a Mobile App to Uplift the Underprivileged

Enough is said about Digital India. But it’s actually happening here and now. Ujjivan Financial Services, a microfinance company, is leveraging a mobile app to make sure that its underprivileged customers get loans real quick in order to grow their businesses.

Starbucks mobile ordering gets you caffeine quicker

Starbucks this week widely released a mobile order-ahead feature it's been testing since December 2014. The feature is far from unique, but it works as promised and will likely help the coffee retailer boost sales.

7 Apps By The Indian Government You Need to Use

There are over hundreds of government initiated apps for Android, Apple and Windows devices. With Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative, the government has released several new feature-rich smartphone applications.