When technology comes to prevent girl trafficking in West Bengal

The Child In Need Institute, West Bengal, tied up with Accenture to develop GPower, a solution that uses technologies such as artificial intelligence and predictive analytics to protect girls from social evils by providing timely intervention in vulnerable rural areas of West Bengal.

The Domino’s pizza of biryani

Anurag Mehrota, cofounder and Gautam Singh, CTO of Charcoal Biryani speak about how the company wants to be a pan-India provider of biryani.

How to Apply Lean Methodology to IT

Lean methodology espouses continuous improvement of all processes by eliminating waste in everything the company does. Here's how to go about implementing it.

Technological innovation helping farmers thrive better

Venkat Maroju, CEO, SourceTrace Systems, says that producing food for a growing population, minimizing environmental impact and ensuring equitable treatment of farmers is a major challenge for our generation.

40 years of Apple: The good, bad and ugly

On April 1, 1976, Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne founded Apple Computer Inc. to sell a personal computer kit. 40 years later, the company, now called Apple, is the largest IT company by revenue in the world. How did it happen?

How to architect a digital enterprise through partnerships

NASSCOM 2016’s round table discussion focused on thoughts of leaders who have gone through digital transformation and understood that the digital age requires a new mode of collaboration between traditional vendors-clients as well as between competitors and partners.