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ITC Infotech’s innovative platform hosts startup Showcase and programming Codeathon

iTech 2018 saw participants from across startups, IT professionals, technology leaders, students and ITC Infotech employees.

What is an SSD? How solid state drives work

Solid state drives use interconnected pools of flash memory that are managed by an SSD controller to deliver speeds far beyond what a hard disk drive (HDD) can offer.

How Google can clean up its messaging mess after Allo's shutdown

Google has announced that it will be shutting down Allo and Hangouts for good, as it again refocuses its messaging strategy on the remaining apps. Here's a simple way for Google to fix it once and for all.

Microsoft Edge embraces open-source Chromium code

Microsoft's Edge is embracing the open-source Chromium project and expanding to other operating systems.

What is CGEIT? A certification for seasoned IT governance professionals

CGEIT is a vendor-neutral certification designed for IT professionals responsible for managing IT enterprise governance to validate their skills in the field.

After VR training is rolled out: ‘role plays won’t ever cut it again’

​Domain Group has given all of its staff immersive, virtual reality experiences of being excluded and bullied in a bid to boost employees’ sense of belonging at the company.

How microlearning is empowering HR managers and CIOs

The rise of eLearning has helped modernise matters, but the technology has somewhat stalled.

How DiData and Telstra are dealing with the tech skills crisis

The technology skills crisis is affecting organisations in just about every market sector across Australia – from cloud to DevOps, security and data analytics, CIOs are struggling to find the right talent.

Should Apple have its own search engine?

The company's stance on privacy is at odds with the way the biggest search engines operate. Maybe there's a better way.

It’s time for BYOF (bring your own Fi)

Google targets Google Fi at consumers and families. But it’s even better for business. Here’s why.