Network Management

Is an SD-WAN managed service right for you?

Managed SD-WAN can be an appropriate solution for the enterprise, but due diligence is necessary to determine if it is the best fit.

Nutanix bets big on real-time machine vision analysis at the edge

Nutanix announced the general availability of a cloud portfolio called Xi Cloud Services, including a real-time edge offering. 

Nutanix launches new edge computing service- Xi IoT

Xi IoT eliminates complexity, accelerates the speed of deployment and elevates developers to focus on the business logic powering IoT applications and services.

D-Link introduces its first 802.11ax routers

The IEEE 802.11ax standard that promises to deliver more bandwidth and better traffic management on saturated home networks.

Aruba rolls out AI-powered mobility solutions

The new wireless access points support the latest Wi-Fi standard and are the first to be WFA certified for the new WPA3 and Enhanced Open security standards.

Cisco-AWS marriage simplifies hybrid-cloud app development

Amazon Web Services and Cisco have teamed to help customers build apps in the cloud or data centers and move easily between the two.

The OSI model explained: How to understand (and remember) the 7 layer network model

A tutorial on the Open Systems Interconnection networking reference model and tips on and how to memorize the seven layers

Airservices Australia flying high after 'biggest transition to cloud in government history'

Airservices Australia has embraced innovation and heavily invested in technology in a bid to deliver safe, more efficient and innovative services, according to its newly released 2017-2018 Annual Report.

Microsoft Managed Desktop: All your Windows 10 devices, managed by Microsoft

With Microsoft Managed Desktop, Microsoft is betting your organization has better things to do than endpoint management. Early customers like the Seattle Reign show what to expect.

10 hot hybrid-cloud startups to watch

With few enterprises using purely private or purely public cloud infrastructure, startups have emerged to meet unique hybrid-cloud needs for management, storage and virtualization.