Online Safety


Hack of New York Times Holds a Lesson for All Businesses

The New York Times, Twitter, and other major sites were knocked offline in an attack by the Syrian Electronic Army (SEA). While there is certainly a political motivation to the hacks, there is an underlying lesson that all businesses should learn.



Computerworld Tech Update: 28 - 31 Oct, 2013

In this roundup of tech news for the week 28 - 31 October, 2013 we talk about Infosys, Dell, cyber crime and enterprise cloud.



Open-source Project Promises Easy-to-use Encryption for Email, Instant Messaging and More

Pretty Easy Privacy system aims to make encryption of written online communication accessible to masses.

Five Million Gmail Addresses and Passwords Dumped Online

The data was not likely stolen from Google, but from other websites, researchers said.

Fifteen New Vulnerabilities Reported During Router Hacking Contest

Five popular router models were hacked during the SOHOpelessly Broken competition at DefCon 22.



10 Mistakes Companies Make After a Data Breach

In a recent presentation for The International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Privacy Academy, Michael Bruemmer of Experian Data Breach Resolution outlined some the common mistakes his firm has seen as organizations deal with the aftermath of a breach.