3 Trends That Will Make Life Harder for CIOs in 2014

Robots, 3-D printers and wearable tech are indeed cool, but they should raise red flags for IT leaders. Here's how these emerging technologies will cause operations, privacy and user policy headaches for CIOs in 2014.



3D-printed Modules for Google's Ara Phone Coming Early Next Year

Lego-like parts that will form the building blocks for Google's Project Ara will be produced on 3D printers and ship in time for the customizable smartphone's release early next year.

HP Claims It's Boosted 3D Printing Speed, Quality

Hewlett-Packard claims to have solved the two biggest problems with today's 3D printers and will make its first big technology announcement in that area in June, CEO Meg Whitman said.

HP Makes Printing Easier, Secure in BYOD Environments

Using mobile devices for one-off printing tasks on office printers may not be a big deal, but HP is trying to mitigate any security risk through direct wireless printing features it is bringing to enterprise printers.