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Robotic Technology Ready to Revolutionize Surgeries in India

Ushering in an era of surgical precision, robotic surgeries are gaining acceptance pushing the skill levels of surgeons to the optimum.

Make in India: The GOQii Agenda

While we are talking about making India a manufacturing hub, little is being said about the importance of the design aspect of things. In the world of wearables, one health band is changing all that. 

Business Security Remains Unthreatened by Wearable Tech

Indian CIOs speak about how to effectively handle wearable devices and the potential security risks attached to it. With the right plans in place, businesses will be able to maximize the benefits and minimize its drawbacks, they say. 



Microsoft Azure Ensures Rapid Adoption of Cloud: Joseph Landes

Joseph Landes, General Manager, Developer, and Platform Evangelist, Microsoft, explains how Azure enables customers to extend their on-premise investments into the public cloud and choose between infrastructure and platform services.

Internet of Things: The Next Big Thing after Cloud, Mobility and Big Data

Adaire Fox-Martin, SVP Industry, Value and Solutions , SAP APJ, on what's pushing the tech needle.



Google to Develop ‘Brillo’ – An IoT-Enabled OS

Software behemoth Google may be the next big player to hop on to the IoT bandwagon. Google has developed a software that can run on low power devices, and help them communicate with connected devices. 

Nissan Builds Boss-Proof Desk - Warns If Your Manager Is Approaching

Let’s face it – there are times when you’ve been googling, doodling, or browsing Facebook, and the manager has caught you off-guard. Well, here’s Nissan to the rescue. The automobile manufacturer has built a workstation that uses moving-object detection technology and rings an alarm when a colleague approaches. 



Here's Why Amazon Drones May Never Land at Your Door

Amazon's distribution network limits the company's deliveries to just a tiny fraction of the US.



8 Ways Technology Kicked Off the FIFA 2014 World Cup

The FIFA 2014 World Cup is as much about the adrenaline and the glory of winning as it is about technology this year. New high-tech innovations are not only assisting decision-makers but also enhancing the football fans' delight.