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Cognitive Computing Promises to Change the Game

At a time when humans are clearly reaching the limits of what we can absorb and understand, the main benefit of having machines working alongside humans is the ability to access the best of both worlds.

DARPA's Humanoid Robot Takes On Wrecking Ball Without Flinching

This impressive hydraulic robot can balance itself and move with the same fluidity as humans.

Bread Loaf-size Spacecraft May Study Deep Space

University of Michigan team building superheated plasma-powered engine to power tiny CubeSat craft into interplanetary space.



Internet of Things: The Next Big Thing after Cloud, Mobility and Big Data

Adaire Fox-Martin, SVP Industry, Value and Solutions , SAP APJ, on what's pushing the tech needle.



3D-printed Modules for Google's Ara Phone Coming Early Next Year

Lego-like parts that will form the building blocks for Google's Project Ara will be produced on 3D printers and ship in time for the customizable smartphone's release early next year.

Philips' Intelligent Supermarket Lighting Can Help Locate Groceries

Philips is piloting an intelligent supermarket lighting system that can help shoppers find their groceries based on their location in the store, the company said.

Biologically Inspired: How Neural Networks are Finally Maturing

More than two decades ago, neural networks were widely seen as the next generation of computing, one that would finally allow computers to think for themselves.



Here's Why Amazon Drones May Never Land at Your Door

Amazon's distribution network limits the company's deliveries to just a tiny fraction of the US.