CIO Not the Only One to Blame for Target Breach

'You almost have to be a superhuman with 25 hours a day to spend on security issues to be an effective large retailer CIO these days. And that simply doesn't exist.'

The Customer Is King in 2013

CIOs may differ on many things, but there’s less disagreement with the fact that customers will be their top focus in 2013.



Technology is the Chief Ingredient Behind Running a Successful Retail Business: CIO of Tesco HSC

We spoke to Vinod Bidarkoppa, who joined Tesco HSC last year as Director (IT) and Chief Information Officer, and discussed the diverse aspects of his role in the retail business.

BYOD is a Reality & Organizations Will Have to Learn to Deal With it: LG India CIO

Daya Prakash, CIO, LG Electronics India Limited says the company sensitize employees about the security concern of BYOD.



Pizza Hut Dreams of Interactive Tables for Elusive Dine-in Restaurants

Your nearest dine-in Pizza Hut--if there is one--probably looks like it's trapped in the 80s, but it might someday leap into the future with tabletop touch screens for ordering and entertainment.

PayPal Looks at Enterprise Verticals

Online and mobile payment services company, PayPal, is extending its vertical reach through a new partnership with enterprise payment processing solutions provider, Paycorp.

Target Breach Because of A Basic Network Segmentation Error

The massive data breach at Target last month may have resulted partly from the retailer's failure to properly segregate systems handling sensitive payment card data from the rest of its network.



Here's Why Amazon Drones May Never Land at Your Door

Amazon's distribution network limits the company's deliveries to just a tiny fraction of the US.