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Ryzen boosts AMD profits, as mobile chips promise further growth

Sales in AMD's computing and graphics segment nearly doubled compared to a a year ago, evidence that AMD's Ryzen is a bona fide success. Next up: the lucrative mobile market.

N.Y. AG's scrutiny of cryptocurrencies unlikely to stymie a thriving industry

The New York Attorney General's office is looking into the practices and policies of cryptocurrency exchanges; experts say any ensuing regulation will likely protect investors while allowing the marketplace to continue growing.

How 3D printing can affect your supply chain

3D printing has been used for prototyping for decades, but now it’s starting to creep into production process too. Even if you’re not printing things yourself, that change is going to have implications for your supply chain management.

Innovative CIOs make shift to managing IT as a product

Aping Silicon Valley technology startups, enterprises are revamping their organizations from project-based IT service delivery to product-oriented technology supported by agile development and iterative release cycles.

Best Raspberry Pi kits: 10 options for beginners and experienced makers

Our top picks range from basic Raspberry Pi starter kits to hardware bundles for specialized projects.

Wireless charging over distance just got a boost

Companies developing wireless charging that can be projected up to several meters away have partnered with electronics industry stalwarts, paving the way for actual product shipments this year.

Fujitsu Sets Out the 'Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2018'

'Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision 2018' proposes a co-creation approach to realize success for business and society.

Riverbed platform powers Bajaj Electricals’ consumer-centric digital transformation strategy

Riverbed solutions form the backbone of the company’s modern IT architecture, delivering deep end-user experience insights and increased business agility through improved digital performance.

Google makes AI easy as (Raspberry) Pi with new DIY Google Assistant kits

Google has updated its AIY Vision and Voice kits to include a Raspberry Pi Zero WH, so everything you need to build an Assistant-powered speaker is right in the box.

Bharat BillPay records 75 percent transaction growth

Bharat BillPay facilitated 31.5 million bill payment transactions in March 2018, 75% more than in March 2017.

Technology transforms banking: 3 Indian examples

The Indian banks are rapidly adopting new technologies, platforms and techniques to woo their customers.

3.24 million records stolen or compromised in 2017: Gemalto Study

Gemalto Breach Level Index highlights improperly secured databases in the cloud and internal threats were the fastest growing security risks for companies.