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Machine learning and artificial intelligence in a brave new world

For some, a mention of artificial intelligence (AI) summons images of robots running amok as humans valiantly try to put the genie back in the bottle. But the reality is that today’s AI — the ability of machines to learn from experience and perform tasks once only possible for humans — is already a reality and full of possibilities to enrich and improve human lives.

The AI fad that is fooling everyone

We all need technology to become simpler and smarter. It is an increasing percentage of financial spend and yet costly mistakes occur frequently.

Alibaba announces smart mobility initiatives with Ford, Volvo and Bosch

Driving innovation in smart mobility with an auto-parking solution, car-to-home AI services, and an Internet car.

Alibaba A.I. Labs launches hospitality robot

The service robot is expected to begin servicing guests at a hotel in October.

5 data storage trends disrupting the Indian market

The world’s total data volume is growing exponentially every minute, with sizeable data pouring in from banking, insurance and telecom giants, as also from healthcare and automobile sectors, with others following close.

LG ink parternship with Luxoft to bring WebOS to cars

​LG Electronics and Luxoft have announced a new partnership that will see WebOS expand from TVs to cars.​

How the Singapore government supports the country’s tech scene

Singapore has become a regional powerhouse for tech backed by a supportive government

7 robotic process automation training and certification courses

Robotic process automation (RPA) has great potential for streamlining business operations. Here’s how to develop high-demand RPA skills as organizations move to automate their business processes.

Google’s tiny chip represents a big bet on IoT

Google announced a chip and edge software that could transform the enterprise IoT landscape.

What is RPA? Everything you need to know about Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation saves organisations time on repetitive mundane tasks

Rio Tinto’s ‘world’s biggest robot’ makes first driverless delivery

​Rio Tinto’s fully autonomous train has completed its first delivery of iron ore between the miner’s Mount Tom Price mine and the port of Cape Lambert, the organisation announced today.

Enterprises, emotion and the rise of the ‘empathy economy’

Artificial intelligence can now detect human emotion better than people can. It’s time to get emotional about AI.