Robotic Technology Ready to Revolutionize Surgeries in India

Ushering in an era of surgical precision, robotic surgeries are gaining acceptance pushing the skill levels of surgeons to the optimum.

Asian Paints Blends it Right with Robotics

By using robotics in its depots, Asian Paints lowered inventory management pressure, ensured accurate deliveries, and created savings in working capital



Microsoft Azure Ensures Rapid Adoption of Cloud: Joseph Landes

Joseph Landes, General Manager, Developer, and Platform Evangelist, Microsoft, explains how Azure enables customers to extend their on-premise investments into the public cloud and choose between infrastructure and platform services.



Future of Humanity: Nick Bostrom supports Stephen Hawking's AI predictions

The growing field of artificial intelligence is catching the eye of academics and technology leaders worldwide.

Nissan Builds Boss-Proof Desk - Warns If Your Manager Is Approaching

Let’s face it – there are times when you’ve been googling, doodling, or browsing Facebook, and the manager has caught you off-guard. Well, here’s Nissan to the rescue. The automobile manufacturer has built a workstation that uses moving-object detection technology and rings an alarm when a colleague approaches. 

Google Patent Envisions Cloud Control of an Army of Robots

Google received a U.S. patent this week for technology that would enable it to use the cloud to control an army of robots.