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Android security: Analysis, advice, and next-level knowledge

Expand your Android security knowledge with this comprehensive collection of level-headed resources.

Is cyber security an afterthought in the IoT infrastructure?

According to cybersecurity experts, security by design has to be a priority in IoT devices.

What is the mystery about the Deep and Dark Web?

Deep Web. Dark Web. Ransomware. Tor. Illegal activities. Bitcoin.

How to identify, prevent and recover from cryptojacking attacks

Cryptojacking is a sneaky but extremely effective way for hackers to get their desired results in exactly the surreptitious, stealthy way they desire.

Ryder Cup CTO Michael Cole on creating the connected course with Aruba

This September the Ryder Cup will be hosted at Le Golf National in Paris, where as many as 250,000 spectators are set to visit across the five days of the event, as the best golfers from the USA and Europe square off.

UK government proposals for IoT security neglect risks posed by consumers

U.K. government plans to secure the internet of things will have limited success as they ignore the risk posed by consumers, according to a leading security expert.

10 Hot IoT startups to watch

With 20 billion internet of things devices online by 2020, the challenges and rewards are great for the top 10 startups hoping to capitalize on connected devices.

Gemalto to protect 5G networks from cyber-attacks with Intel SGEs

The innovation delivers robust processor-level cybersecurity solution for new wave of cloud-based networks.

New study finds IT professionals lack confidence in their ability to detect and contain cyber breaches

LogRhythm has released its annual benchmark survey, which measures the cybersecurity perceptions and practices of organisations in the United States, United Kingdom and Asia-Pacific regions.

Essential skills and traits of elite data scientists

These days the data scientist is king. But extracting true business value from data requires a unique combination of technical skills, mathematical know-how, storytelling, and intuition.

Reaper emerges a cyber security threat for global enterprises

APT37, popularly known as Reaper has been primarily targeting the chemicals, electronics, manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and healthcare industries for North Korean state interests.

Android for enterprise: Google specifies devices and guidelines

Google has laid down the minimum standards for smartphones to ensure their safe and effective use in the enterprise.