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Airservices Australia flying high after 'biggest transition to cloud in government history'

Airservices Australia has embraced innovation and heavily invested in technology in a bid to deliver safe, more efficient and innovative services, according to its newly released 2017-2018 Annual Report.

Roku Premiere and Roku Premiere+ 2018 review: Good deal, bad deal

The 2018 Roku Premiere+ is a great value for 4K HDR streaming. The new Roku Premiere? Not so much.

Airservices Australia unveils plans to transform enterprise network

​Airservices Australia has revealed it intends to overhaul its enterprise network as part of a major ‘modernisation’ program.

GitHub asserts independence from Microsoft during Universe event

At GitHub Universe in San Francisco, the open source code repository company announced a new 'Actions' service described by head of platform Sam Lambert as the most significant feature for its community since pull requests, while other executives asserted the company's independent status ahead of its expected buyout approval from Microsoft this week.

What is a Java servlet? Request handling for Java web applications

The Java Servlet API is part of the Java EE stack, providing URL mapping and request handling capabilities for Java web applications

Chrome 70 fixes Google's controversial sneaky sign-in policy, kind of

Here's how to turn off Google Chrome 70's ability to sneakily log you in to various Google services.

Box puts automation at the heart of its product vision

Enterprise cloud storage vendor Box is increasingly looking to help its customers automate repetitive or mundane business tasks.

Samsung buys analytics firm Zhilabs for 5G capability expansion

Samsung wants to leverage Zhilabs in improving its 5G network rollouts, as well as to ensure quality services related to automated driving and IoT. 

3..., 2..., 1? How complaints tamed Microsoft's aggressive feature upgrade strategy

Microsoft has constantly shifted its release and support timeline for Windows 10, responding to concerns and complaints from users. Here's how the OS strategy has changed, and what may be coming next.

What is a private cloud? [ And some things that it's not]

Here's a clear definition of private cloud that should help lift some of misconceptions about what private cloud is and is not, and reaffirm that private cloud is definitely not dead.

GitHub Actions to let developers do CI/CD in GitHub

Beta workflow tool supports cloud deployments, code containers

What is enterprise architecture? A framework for transformation

Enterprise architecture is the process by which organizations standardize and organize IT infrastructure to aligns with business goals. These strategies support digital transformation, IT growth and the modernization of IT as a department.