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Agile project management: 16 tips for a smooth switch to agile

If your company is interested in making the switch to agile project management, here are some tips and strategies to help smooth the transition.

Facebook-Cambridge Analytica fiasco: The complete timeline and Zuckerberg, Sandberg apologies

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook on Wednesday wrote an apology stating about the whole fiasco. Here is also the timeline of the events unfolded from Data Analytica's time in Facebook to the complete ban of it.  

Twitter, Google lose their top security executives

Michael Coates, CISO, Twitter, and Michal Zalewski, director, Information security engineering and assurance, Google have quit their respective companies. 

Rocket Software appoints Anjali Arora as chief product officer

Arora’s hiring and the creation of the CPO role is part of the company’s executive alignment to focus on customer success.

Everything you need to know about IBM's Watson Assistant

IBM launched its Watson Assistant product this week during its Think conference in Las Vegas, with the aim of helping businesses develop their own personalised voice interfaces instead of using existing solutions like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Top 6 Features in Windows Server 2019

A preview of Windows Server 2019 adds features for hyperconvergence, management, security, containers and more.

What would a regulated-IoT world look like?

The wildfire growth of IoT is arguably the most important trend happening in technology today, but the ease with which bad actors can exploit its manifold security vulnerabilities has been demonstrated many times in just the past couple of years.

What's in Windows Server 2019 - and will you want to upgrade?

The latest major release of Windows Server is now available in preview, focusing on hyperconverged and containers

Microsoft begins push for Windows Server 2019

The Server 2019 early look is available through Windows Insider, the preview program Microsoft established before Windows 10's launch and expanded last year to include Windows Server.

Cisco, Verizon take Information-Centric Networking for a real-world spin

A recent demonstration by Cisco and Verizon showed that ICN could hold benefits for 5G networking, gathering IoT data and boosting security.

India to put in place data protection framework: Aruna Sundararajan, Telecom Secretary

India’s Telecom Secretary reveals India is working on a data protection framework and investing 9 billion in providing optic fiber in rural areas.