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Get to know the IoT champions of Southeast Asia

The Internet of Things (IoT) across Southeast Asia is being used in different sectors and for a myriad of purposes including healthcare, agriculture, smart cities, smart homes, or the industrial internet, just to name a few. Here we have a list of some of the most innovative companies using IoT across ASEAN.

Mental health: How employers can promote wellness

Our mental health affects every facet of our life so it's not surprising to see it become more of a priority for employers too. While many companies may want to champion wellbeing among employees it can be difficult to know where to start.

The curious case of bloated IT

Organisations are struggling with 'technical debt' leading to bloated IT estates that are necessary to operations yet are difficult and time-consuming to build and maintain, according to Appian CEO Matt Calkins.

Can AI superpower China close the skills gap?

China has rapidly risen to the status of global AI superpower, but the businesses building the growth face the same struggles to find talent as their international rivals.

Crypto startup Pundi X makes history with first ever blockchain phone call

The phone call was made using a device called the Xphone, which relies on the new blockchain ecosystem Function X and runs independently in a secure manner, without needing a centralized mobile carrier. 

Juniper advances network automation community, skillsets

Juniper is looking to be an evangelist for network automation by announcing a variety of applications, tools, labs and libraries that it says will hasten adoption of the technology for businesses and network professionals.

MOBI jumps into UEM with new desktop, IoT management tools

Mobile management provider MOBI has added desktops and IoT devices to the portfolio of enterprise devices it can manage, plunging it into the unified endpoint management game.

What is SCOR? A model for improving supply chain management

The supply chain operations reference (SCOR) model helps businesses evaluate and perfect supply chain management for reliability, consistency and efficiency.

How to boost Wi-Fi performance: Experts talk planning, troubleshooting

Wi-Fi experts from Cisco, Aruba, Ekahau, Extreme and Mist share best practices for Wi-Fi performance optimization, focused on three major phases of large-scale Wi-Fi installation: planning and pre-installation, post-installation performance testing and verification, and troubleshooting Wi-Fi performance issues.

Why you should use Docker and containers

Learn how lightweight, portable, self-contained Docker containers improve software development, application deployment, and business agility

Facebook opens Workplace Chat to multi-company groups

The expanded Workplace chat function is designed to improve collaboration between workers at separate organizations.

Office Depot turns to New Relic to help pivot to devops

Office Depot, the mega-retailer of office goods and the owner of the long-standing Viking Direct brand, has suffered a downward trend in its recent financials as sales continue to drop. One area where it's seeing an uptick however is across its various ecommerce channels - bearing the fruits of a concerted effort to digitise over the past few years.