Topic: virtual reality

Google Maps is the new social network

While Twitter tumbles and Facebook flounders, Google Maps has emerged as the best social network for businesses.

JLL launches CoE for tech, data and information management in Bangalore

This state-of-the-art facility is focused on harnessing emerging technologies and developing new solutions for JLL and its clients.

Why 5G will disappoint everyone

Wireless connections that are 20 times faster? What could be disappointing about that?

How next-gen motion capture will supercharge VR arcades

Motion capture has long been integral to visual effects in blockbuster films and videogames. But now a new mocap system from Vicon is heading to virtual reality arcades.

VR step too far for cinema: movie tech pioneer warns

​Cinema purists have never much liked the innovations Barry Sandrew has brought to the movies.

Dimension Data lifts the lid on new Client Innovation Centre

​Dimension Data has officially opened its first Client Innovation Centre (CIC) featuring a raft of new technology innovations within its Australian headquarters in Darling Park, Sydney.

Hands-on with the Harry Potter Kano Coding Kit

Thanks to Kano, computer coding is the latest class at Hogwarts. The educational-tech startup follows its Computer Kit Complete with a new Harry Potter wand that teaches coding through interactive games and spells.

Seven things we learned about Facebook's VR strategy and the new Oculus Go

While VR continues to grow in popularity, it’s still yet to have that breakthrough moment. That instance where the hardware and software involved coalesce, overcoming their consumer-points and ushering in something akin to the future depicted in Ready Player One.

TalentQuest partners with PES University, Unity to launch AR/VR CoE in Bangalore

The centre will provide a one-year AR/VR certification programme, resulting in a diploma from PES University.

Virtual reality giants unveil VirtualLink as a standardized cable that may simplify VR rigs

Oculus, Valve, AMD, and Microsoft have backed VirtualLink, a new VR display consortium that will use USB-C as a standardized interface for VR devices.

VR pilot launched for residents with dementia

Samsung Electronics Australia and Uniting – which operates a number of residential care homes across NSW and the ACT – are partnering to provide dementia patients with virtual reality and 360 degree video experiences.

Cybershoes let you physically run through virtual reality from the comfort of your chair

Cybershoes are like a VR treadmill, but without the treadmill. Or the standing.