APAC consumers lack confidence in IoT manufacturers: Survey

Nine out of ten people surveyed do not trust IoT manufacturers and service providers to secure their devices.  

UK health startup Medopad bets on the future of mobile health tech

Since the first crop of fitness trackers and wearables launched some years ago, the quantified self movement has continued to grow apace. Today, the latest edition of the Apple Watch integrates such an array of advanced health functions - most notably a heart rate tracker - that it actually qualifies as an FDA-approved medical device. Right now, all this portable health tech is targeted towards healthy, fitness conscious consumers, but will its primary function in future be monitoring health conditions?

AMD VS Intel: What's The Best Processor?

With Intel's 9th generation processors just being announced, the ball is back in AMD's court for the next step forward in consumer CPUs. The looming presence of 7 and 10nm architecture draws closer too and the race to produce a stable product will shift the market heavily towards the company that pulls it off first

Google aims Plus at the enterprise as consumer side falters

Google sees a ‘new direction’ for its social network after a security flaw prompts it to kill off the consumer version. Google Plus is being tied more tightly into G Suite.

Mental health: How employers can promote wellness

Our mental health affects every facet of our life so it's not surprising to see it become more of a priority for employers too. While many companies may want to champion wellbeing among employees it can be difficult to know where to start.

MOBI jumps into UEM with new desktop, IoT management tools

Mobile management provider MOBI has added desktops and IoT devices to the portfolio of enterprise devices it can manage, plunging it into the unified endpoint management game.

How is Vietnam preparing for 5G?

Ericsson predicted earlier in the year that Vietnam will be using 5G in one or two years, however the country is still working on having a full 4G implementation. Here we examine the current state of state of 4G in the country and if 5G can happen soon.

What is Microsoft’s Intune – and how well does the UEM tool really work?

Microsoft's unified endpoint management offering, Intune, has the potential to reduce time and effort managing desktop and mobile work environments. But it's not without its own set of problems, according to users.

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What is EMM? Enterprise Mobility Management explained

EMM hence refers to solutions, products and services that ensure the security of data and integrate with enterprise IT systems to meet corporate concerns.

Apple gets its ultimate revenge on Michael Dell with the world’s first trillion-dollar market cap

AAPL briefly surpassed the fabled USD 1 trillion market capitalization, 20 years after Michael Dell famously said he’d shut down the company if he was in charge.