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New kids on the block: AR-VR, wearables and 3D printing

SMAC architecture is passé, and every sector is now headed to a time of augmented reality-virtual reality, wearables, and 3D printing

Has MDM become an integral part of the BYOD strategy?

With the rapid adoption of Bring Your Own Device trend, enterprises are pushed to implement MDM tools to effectively prevent business data from falling into the wrong hands.

The connected era: How the manufacturing industry will adopt and adapt to IoT

After figuring out how to network devices together and how to analyse the data streaming from them, the industry now has to focus upon how to use these two to form definite business engagements to derive profitable outcomes.

Android Wear 3.0 Release Date Rumours

Google has not confirmed when we will hear news on an Android Wear 3.0 update, but we're expecting some new information at Google I/O 2018. We outline what new features we'd like to see in the new smartwatch OS.

AI to be a game changer for personal devices: Gartner

AI is generating multiple disruptive forces that are reshaping the way we interact with personal technologies.

Thanks to the FDA, your next Apple Watch might be loaded with health features
A new pilot program joined by Apple. Fitbit, and others will relax some rules and regulations.
Why smartwatches failed
Major smartwatch makers – Apple, Samsung and others – rushed into the market before the technology was ready and didn’t focus on the enterprise first.
Levi's and Google Jacquard bring you a connected jacket you'll actually wear

Now this is a wearable. Levi's classic denim jacket includes touch-sensitive conductive threads to help you control phone apps.

Welcome to the next generation of wearables

Wearables are not just for athletes anymore. At CES 2017, a host of innovative and useful technology was on display.

Intel pursuing new chips as it plots a wearables future
Intel is developing a new version of its Curie chip for wearables
Like in PCs, Microsoft and ARM look to topple Intel in servers
Microsoft and ARM face a challenging road ahead to unseat Intel's dominance in servers
Google crams machine learning into smartwatches in AI push

Google researchers are lowering the bar on hardware needed to perform artificial intelligence tasks