Apple Siri Vs Android Voice Search

We put Apple's Siri and Google's voice search to the test, with surprising results.

Source: PC World (US)


  • Brocade Will Continue to Innovate Around SDN and NFV: Jason Nolet, Brocade

    Jason Nolet, SVP-Routing, Switching and Analytics Product Group, Brocade, shares why Brocade is the forerunner in the SDN discussion and how the New IP will be built on a strong bulwark of SDN and NFV.

  • Digital India to be Key Enabler for IoT: Narendra Bhandari, Intel

    Intel is driving IoT framework or reference architecture from sensors to the back end servers and analysis across the ecosystem of tech vendors, developers, systems integrators and CIOs. It’s not about bits and bytes from a digital perspective but one needs to know temperature, location and other aspects. But it will require interesting new skillsets at the organisation end across the entire spectrum to the likes of information scientists, data partitioners, networking experts to drive the true benefits of IoT, says Narendra Bhandari, Director, Software & Services Group, Intel Asia Pacific.

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    Check out five hot smartphones that are great on design as well as features

  • Video: Budget 2014 Expectations

    Indian CIOs from a diverse set of industries tell us what they expect from budget 2014. Their views range from the implementation of GST, to infrastructure development, and from tax incentives to digital governance.

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