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India's AI pit-falls and the way out: Explained

In this episode of Explained, find out how India despite of lagging behind its competitors in the AI race, is making efforts to buckle up and be the next AI superpower.


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Azim Hashim Premji- In 90 seconds

Know everything about the man who turned a soap company into a software giant- Azim Hashim Premji. 


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India's biggest blockchain project- Explained

In this episode we show you what to expect from IndiaChain, the Indian government's first full- fledged blockchain infrastructure for the country. 


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Voice over by Saheli Sen Gupta



Five women entrepreneurs disrupting the e-commerce startup culture- Explained

According to NASSCOM, Indian women entrepreneurs stand at an abysmal number in the startup ecosystem. In this episode we talk about five women entrepreneurs who haven broken stereotypes by building successful e-commerce startups. 

Meet Debjani Ghosh, the first woman to head NASSCOM - In 90 seconds

Know about  Debjani Ghosh, the first woman to head NASSCOM in 30 years in 90 seconds!


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Software-defined datacenter and hybrid cloud are the need of the hour: Vikram K, HPE

While datacenters are becoming more software defined, hybrid cloud is a safe bet for Indian enterprises, says Vikram K, Director, Servers, HPE India.

Intel unveils its new monster in India, Knights Landing Xeon Phi

Intel accelerates the path to deeper insight with the latest Intel Xeon Phi for High-Performance Computing (HPC).

Indian banking sector bets big on biometrics

Forget your password and complicated bank forms. Indian banks are presenting a whole new range of biometrics for hassle-free transactions.

Banks collaborate with new age fintech companies for rural banking

Providing banking facilities in rural India is not easy. It requires huge capital, manpower and many innovations. Consequently, banks are relying on these upcoming BFSI companies that are not only cost effective, but are also helping to bank the unbanked. 

3D printing makes inroads into the Indian healthcare industry

Indian hospitals are increasingly deploying 3D printing technology for higher success rate in surgeries while cutting down surgery costs.

IoT enables remote monitoring of billboards

The face of outdoor advertising is set to change as billboards are getting a makeover with the Internet of Things.

WaterAid raises funds worth 1,000 Swedish crowns via Bitcoins

Swedish startup BTCX, the first Bitcoin exchange service in Sweden, has helped WaterAid, an international non-profit organization, raise 1,000 Swedish crowns (about Rs 7800) via bitcoins.