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Amazon creates highest job vacancies in India for its APAC workforce

E-commerce giant Amazon has 1286 job openings in India, followed by China (467), Japan (381), Australia (250), Singapore (174) and South Korea (70).

Biggest failed technology products of the last 50 years

The technology industry is often riddled with newer products that promise never-seen before innovation. While in the tech space, most cutting-edge products may die an embarrassing death, they often also lay the groundwork for better ideas that flourish later on. In this slideshow, ComputerWorld India lists the the most prominent technology product experiments of the last 50 years that either struggled or utterly failed to find widespread adoption. 

Data is the foundation for digital transformation: Sanjay Agrawal, Hitachi Vantara

According to Sanjay Agrawal, Technology Head of Hitachi Vantara, businesses need to be able to rapidly and automatically integrate both structured and unstructured data from multiple sources in order to achieve data integration and analytics. 

India needs advanced IT skills to be future ready: Tech leaders

At India's largest coding event for women TechGig Geek Goddess 2018, experts spoke on how to fill in the skills gap in the IT industry. 

Technical debt can slow IT to a crawl: Dr. Bill Curtis, Cast Software

Businesses today are facing extremely expensive glitches owing to accumulated technical debt across global IT systems, says Dr. Bill Curtis, Chief Scientist at Cast Software and Director of the Consortium for IT Software Quality (CISQ).

Cryptocurrency update: Ohio becomes first state to accept taxes in Bitcoin

While countries including China and India have maintained their stance against cryptocurrencies, businesses in the U.S. state of Ohio can now register and pay taxes using Bitcoin.

AI is going to be the default standard moving forward: Viswanath Ramaswamy, IBM

Viswanath Ramaswamy, Executive Director - Systems for Cloud & Cognitive, South Asia at IBM sat down in an exclusive interaction with IDG Media, discussing the company's strategy on AI, cloud, security and blockchain. 

Blockchain payment networks may soon dethrone SWIFT

Blockchain-based networks including Ripple, IBM Blockchain World Wire, Corda, Visa B2B Connect and Interbank Information Network (IIN) are disrupting the cross-border payments industry. 

TCS faces lawsuit over alleged discrimination against US employees

Kotchen & Low LLP, the law firm representing the plaintiffs in the TCS lawsuit is also reportedly suing other outsourcing companies on grounds of alleged bias for South Asian workers in their recruitment process.

Top deals of 2018: IT giants place big bets on cloud services

Major global IT players like Microsoft, IBM, Salesforce and Google have spent billions of dollars this year to expand in the cloud services industry. 

Choice International scales IT workloads with hyperconvergence

As its client workloads grew, so did IT performance and availability problems, making it clear that the ageing mix of servers and SAN was no longer up to the job. 

Key takeaways from Oracle OpenWorld 2018; focus on autonomous cloud

At Oracle's annual flagship event, the company revealed plans for a next generation of cloud, fueled by intelligent and autonomous technologies.