Experiencing Star Wars to deep learning: IBM shows what a code can do

In its 2018 flagship event, the US-based tech firm, IBM, shows what a code could do. The event organized exclusively for the developers of India was attended by more than 1000 developers from across the country.

Prajeet Nair Feb 21st 2018

IBM Code Day, which concluded last week, was organized to strengthen IBM’s commitment to the developer community in India. IBM's Code Day was the first large-scale developer event in 2018, where over 1000 developers from over 100 organizations attended the event from across the country.

The day-long event was curated carefully to enhance specific skills and gain hands-on experience on the latest IBM codes for the developers. The developers got a chance to experience the latest technology across cloud, AI, data and emerging technologies such as blockchain, IoT, quantum computing. 

The sole aim of the IBM Code Day event was to highlight exciting possibilities of what one can do with a code to develop future smart, scalable solutions. IBM's agenda was to help the Indian developer community to up-skill and re-skill as they become the key influencers and decision makers in their organization.

“The event agenda was carefully curated by developers at IBM to ensure attendees get the first-hand experience of the existing IBM code patterns and assets to build scalable solutions for their businesses.”


                              Seema Kumar, Country Leader-Developer Ecosystem and Startups, IBM India/South Asia

Seema Kumar, country leader-Developer Ecosystem and Startups, IBM India/South Asia said, “The event agenda was carefully curated by developers at IBM to ensure attendees get the first-hand experience of the existing IBM code patterns and assets to build scalable solutions for their businesses.” 

The event this year was focused on data science, AI, machine learning, blockchain, IoT and cloud which are now becoming mainstream technologies and companies across various sectors from startups, mid-size and large enterprises are now looking for developers who can put them to use and help grow their business.

During the event IBM displayed some of their latest work with the following demos:

Star Wars Experience:  The IBM and Star Wars affiliation shows that the technology in our world and a galaxy far, far away may not be so different. The Star Wars universe is filled with unbelievable technology, but a glance into IBM Research labs and Watson’s services reveals that we may be closer than we think. With Star Wars and IBM, science fantasy meets science reality. This experience will feature one large zone comprising of multiple touchpoints, all centered on the IBM and Star Wars partnership. The four episodes of Star Wars will highlight how Watson is getting deployed on characters such as Lightsaber, BB-8 and mind control, R2D2/Boba Fett and touchscreen. You will get to witness how Watson Services like Watson Conversation, Personality Insights, TJBot (DIY), Watson Text to Speech, Watson Discovery, etc. are getting deployed to build cool tech using github.

Star Trek Experience: IBM’s Watson is powering in-game voice command for Ubisoft’s Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Bridge Crew provides players the first opportunity ever to use their voice, in natural language, to interact with their virtual Starfleet crew members. The Sandbox combines IBM's Watson Unity SDK with two services--Watson Speech to Text and Watson Conversation. The partnership allows players to give direct, interactive speech commands to virtual Starfleet shipmates. By infusing this new AI technology into the game, players can seamlessly complete missions online, with AI characters and with human partners, without breaking immersion. The entire interaction is further enhanced with VR as the native gameplay experience.

IBM's latest work with demos:

  • Star Wars Experience
  • Star Trek Experience
  • IBM Deep Learning IDE
  • Build a web-based blockchain insurance application using Hyperledger Fabric
  • IBM Robotic Process Automation Demo
  • Open IT up for infrastructure services
  • Efficient Support Services with iLearn and Catalogflow
  • Using DSX to detect early warning signs
  • Demystify data using IBM Watson Platform

IBM Deep Learning IDE: It is a creative tool that could write the code for a deep learning model on a platform of the developer’s choice. It provides an easy, intuitive drag-and-drop, no-code interface to design deep learning architectures. It enables users to design and train complex deep learning networks. It also provides users effortless capacity to realize a single network with multiple parameter configurations. It has been built around the open source Node-Red platform. IBM Deep Learning IDE provides users effortless capacity to realize a single network with multiple parameter configurations. This demo taught developers how to Design Deep Learning Models and create source code.

Build a web-based blockchain insurance application using Hyperledger Fabric: With its distributed ledger, smart contracts, and non-repudiation capabilities, blockchain is revolutionizing the way financial organizations do business, and the insurance industry is no exception. This code pattern showed how to implement a web-based blockchain app using Hyperledger Fabric to facilitate insurance sales and claims.

IBM Robotic Process Automation Demo: IBM Robotic Process Automation with Automation Anywhere can be used to create a digital workforce to automate high-volume repetitive tasks, maximizing an organization's knowledge workers' productivity by enabling them to focus on higher-value activities. The demo highlighted the most basic use case and value statement for Robotic Process Automation and how automating processes can expedite routine finance, procurement, supply chain management, accounting, customer services, and human resources tasks, such as entering data, issuing purchase orders, creating online access credentials, or other tasks that require data from multiple systems using bots.

Open IT up for infrastructure services: Demo through ‘see and tell’ the capabilities addresses issues around security compliance as part of AI automation. Continuous compliance brings in a state of the art automation capability that is also a core need for secured devOps process. Watson demo helped understand how AI delivery insights provide deeper insights into issues and on continuous compliance which uses automation and machine learning to keep your servers compliant.

Efficient Support Services with iLearn and Catalogflow: iLearn: Real Time and Incremental Learning of Conversation Models: Demo will highlight how the conversation with a bot flows between humans and machine. iLearn is made to analyze natural language learning of user dialogue and how new learnings are created – hence evolving the bot conversation on a real-time basis. iLearn empowers a bot developer to recognize when they need to reach out to an expert using an expert channel. iLearn also featured how new intent at times, if incorrect, is flagged off – to the expert – hence ensuring the dialogue that eventually the bot learns is accurate. This demo is on Watson IoT where you can for the first time learn to develop an intelligent real-time machine conversation. This demo showed how to convert from Watson’s Speech to Text API that has been enhanced with beta functionality making it a powerful tool for technical support services.

Using DSX to detect early warning signs: The demo showed how a data science-driven financial solution that uses machine learning to build a knowledge graph of a corporate client associates network from data available as open source. It uses news- and blogs- driven event inference and correlation engine to give early warning for events that may impact the business operations of the client's associate’s network. The events are converted into insights that are notified to relationship manager in the bank for follow-up and action with the bank's clients.

Demystify data using IBM Watson Platform: Building out a recommendation engine and integrating with your mobile app can never get simpler than this. With IBM Watson Machine Learning Service and IBM Data Science experience, a developer's dream can come true with accelerated times for building and deploying apps that exploit machine learning and deep learning algorithms.

Edited By : Vaishnavi J Desai