OpenWorld 2017: Oracle announces major innovations

Oracle's executive chairman and CTO, Larry Ellison introduced an autonomous database, capable of automated patching.

At OpenWorld 2017 held in San Francisco, Oracle has made an array of new announcements to add more value to its software services. Here are the major takeaways from the announcements.

Container native app development platform

One of the key announcements by Oracle at the conference is the rollout of an opensource platform, known as the Fn project. It is a container-native serverless platform which can support all programming languages and leverages Oracle's Bare Metal Cloud Services, rolled out last year. The platform can run from anyplace, cloud or on-premise and is designed for high ease and performance. With this roll-out, Oracle says that it has committed to supporting cloud-native, opensource communities.  

Digital innovation platform for open banking

Another key takeaway announcement from the event is Oracle's open framework for banks and financial companies to work together on a common cloud platform. The platform will enable the development of financial technology tools on a single open source platform. According to Oracle, the open banking platform can serve as an agile environment for financial players to perform banking services such as borrowing and paying in a safe manner, in addition to helping the members in their operations using predictive analytics. 

Blockchain cloud service

Oracle has also announced a new blockchain service under its PaaS capabilities. The service is available on the cloud platform for its customers to build blockchain networks. Customers can easily track products through the supply chain and safely carry out transactions. According to the company, the customers will be empowered to share data securely both in and out of Oracle's cloud environment. The customers will be able to link their inventory and supply chain software to the blockchain service for a secure, distributed data system. 

Artificial Intelligence

Oracle has also announced to utilize AI to help developers and provide them a set of tools for tapping into AI capabilities. Under this, Oracle is helping set up a secure and scalable environment for developers to have deep learning models in the cloud. After those deep learning models are trained, developers can incorporate them in the company's PaaS services to create AI-powered applications. The service is also extended to customers for creating their own applications which may include utilizing artificial intelligence.

Automated database

Oracle’s new announcement, which has caught the attention of the entire IT world is Database 18c. The company has unveiled an autonomous database technology that works on itself to solve problems and prevent downtimes due to corruption. Without any human intervention, the database can patch and update itself to avoid any threat or error.