Genpact enhances customer experience on its AI based platform

The new features visualize and streamline workflows from the customer’s point-of-view to enable journey-driven transformation.

Genpact Jun 14th 2018

Genpact, a global professional services firm focused on delivering digital transformation, announced new customer experience enhancements to Genpact Cora, its modular, artificial intelligence (AI)-based platform that helps enterprises accelerate digital transformation at scale.

The new features visualize and streamline workflows from the customer’s point-of-view to enable journey-driven transformation that connects the front, middle, and back-offices. The platform also is integrating patented Cora Journey360 software from TandemSeven, which Genpact acquired in September 2017.

“As customer journeys become the defining road map for process automation, understand this: Customers do not care about arbitrary distinctions – they only care about outcomes,” wrote Rob Koplowitz, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester, in a recent report.* “The strategy of focusing on front-office applications only addresses the tip of the iceberg; true automation means back-end operational experience in support of front-end user experience.”

With these new capabilities, Genpact Cora provides a single view of customer journeys and personas, data-driven dashboards to track and monitor journey effectiveness, and connectivity to underlying operations. Genpact also is incorporating TandemSeven’s expertise in customer and user experience, design thinking, and agile methodologies.

“Superior customer experience defines success in the digital world,” said Sanjay Srivastava, chief digital officer, Genpact. “Our continued investments in Genpact Cora – combined with our deep process and domain expertise from running thousands of operations for Fortune 500 companies – give our clients a competitive edge. We speed their transformation, and drive seamless customer experiences to grow their business.”

Digital transformation for greater return on investment and growth

Genpact has implemented Genpact Cora more than a thousand times, and runs billions of transactions through the platform. The new enhancements expand on existing capabilities in natural language understanding, conversational AI, computer vision, deep learning, big data, data science, data engineering, machine learning, robotic process automation, ambient computing, dynamic workflow, and software-as-a-service. The modular platform allows clients to easily integrate advanced technologies, all delivered through a mature application program interface and open, flexible architecture.

Genpact’s ongoing strategy to drive digital-led innovation and digitally-enabled intelligent operations helps clients deliver better customer experiences, and achieve greater return on investment and business impact. For example, Genpact worked with a global nutritional supplements company to automate the client’s customer relationship management and reporting processes. The transformation enhances service and allows the company to assist more customers faster, improving response time for order inquiries by 40 percent. In addition, a North American food giant deployed Genpact Cora to reimagine its trade promotion operations for competitive growth, driving significant improvements in payment accuracy, revenue leakage, and other efficiencies. Benefits over the next five years are expected to increase revenue by $105 million and improve productivity 60 percent.

Genpact is a premium sponsor of the AI Summit in London, and is exhibiting Genpact Cora at booth 224. Also see Genpact’s website to learn more about CoraJourney360 and how Genpact Cora helps enterprises speed digital transformation to growth their businesses.