Topcoder, ConsenSys partner to create blockchain engineers community

The partnership between Topcoder and ConsenSys is driven by a growing demand from Fortune 500 companies to leverage Ethereum.

CONSENSYS Sep 29th 2017

Topcoder, the workforce marketplace for data scientists, programmers and designers, and ConsenSys, the leading Ethereum incubator announced that they have entered into a partnership to create an Ethereum engineering community on the Topcoder platform. Topcoder became a part of Wipro in November 2016.

The partnership between Topcoder and ConsenSys is driven by a growing demand from Fortune 500 companies to leverage Ethereum, one of the fastest growing blockchain technologies, to radically transform themselves. Some of the world’s biggest enterprises across government, food and drug, healthcare and finance industries are looking to build out and scale blockchain’s potential via Topcoder engineers.

The new community hosted at, will provide Topcoder members access to the Ethereum code and tool suite, tutorials, and mock challenges to help them build their familiarity and skillset on behalf of new real-world blockchain deployments. 

“Blockchain technology is set to disrupt companies in the same way that cloud and mobile have done, with Ethereum showing the greatest potential among leading corporate innovators,” said Mike Morris, CEO, Topcoder. “Companies require the best minds working on it, driven by competition-proven performance, and only Topcoder has that depth of talent at scale.”

Topcoder’s 1.1-million-member global community makes it the leader in competition-based development and data science, a position the company has held for more than 15 years. Its partnership with ConsenSys is a natural fit because of the company’s depth of experience as an Ethereum production studio and incubator.

“From day one ConsenSys’ mission has been to create the blockchain ecosystem for the developers by building core technology and developer tools like Metamask and Infura, supporting education through ConsenSys Academy, and building up enterprise consortia with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance,” said Joseph Lubin, CEO, ConsenSys. “Our partnership with Topcoder takes this to another level, by giving developers the tools and resources needed to discover, learn, and build on Ethereum Blockchain.”
“Any industry that requires a transfer of assets or information based on trust sees blockchain’s potential to force transparency and security across every transaction, while reducing friction and costs,” said Karim Lakhani, professor at Harvard Business School and founding director of the laboratory for innovation science at Harvard University. “Blockchain’s open, distributed ledger can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way. Making it happen will require a skilled base of engineering talent capable of delivering on its promise, at scale, for corporate first movers.”