Amazon creates highest job vacancies in India for its APAC workforce

E-commerce giant Amazon has 1286 job openings in India, followed by China (467), Japan (381), Australia (250), Singapore (174) and South Korea (70).


There is good news for job seekers in India - Amazon has 1286 job vacancies for its offices in the country, according to the data available on its website.

The company currently has the highest number of job openings in India in the Asia-Pacific region. It is followed by China (467), Japan (381), Australia (250), Singapore (174) and South Korea (70).

The total number of jobs vacancies in India stands at third-highest in the world after US and Germany, which highlights Amazon's confidence and growth plans for the country. 

The company has given employment to over 60,000 people in India (till 2018 end), which is one-tenth its entire global workforce of about 600,000 personnel. 

Amazon's expansion plants and focus areas

According to reports, Amazon is expanding beyond its e-commerce and cloud business to other areas such as entertainment content, smart voice-based assistants, retail, etc. This comes at a time when the Government of India announced new FDI rules for e-commerce, which would impact Amazon's incumbent business model.   

In a statement given to Economic Times, an Amazon spokesperson said that the company is looking for some exceptional talent across levels in areas of software development, product and marketing, machine learning, quality assurance, web development, product management, supply chain, content development, operations, studio and photography, and for other positions in the India consumer business.