Crypto startup Pundi X makes history with first ever blockchain phone call

The phone call was made using a device called the Xphone, which relies on the new blockchain ecosystem Function X and runs independently in a secure manner, without needing a centralized mobile carrier. 


Pundi X, the manufacturer of Point of Sale cryptocurrency devices for merchants across the globe, has demonstrated the first phone call ever made on a decentralized public blockchain.

The call was made using a device that relies on Function X blockchain and runs independently in a secure manner, without needing a centralized traditional mobile carrier. Each device on Function X network known as Xphone will function as a node with its own address and private key, and which will link to all the node names, unlike traditional URL and IP addresses.

The data is transmitted using p2p private and public key cryptography, thus eliminating any dependence of a centralized server. This ensures fault tolerance and enhances user data privacy at all times. The company gave the technology demo during the XBlockchain Summit recently concluded in Bali. 

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Decentralization with Function X ecosystem

Function X consists of five key components, which are Function X OS, Function X Blockchain, Function X IPFS, FXTP Protocol, and the Function X Docker. All five have one objective of making all applications, data and communications on the network decentralized and without a single point of failure. 

"We've developed our own chain which we believe will answer many of the challenges facing the many blockchain platforms today by increasing its scale, ability to publish DApps and achieve true decentralization. It will also revolutionize the way we transmit data of all kinds: giving rise to a truly decentralized internet," said Pitt Huang, CTO and Co-founder of Pundi X in a public statement. 

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Compatibility with Android

According to the CTO of Pundi X, its operating system Function X OS is based on Android OS 9.0, and therefore provides backward compatibility with Android applications. For developers and users transitioning to the Function X platform, it would be relatively easy as the knowledge and experience from developing and using Android will be transferable, stated Huang. 

At the moment, XPhone is available to manufacturers for testing and more information on the Function X blockchain ecosystem will be presented by Pundi X later this month.