IIT Bombay alumnus Parag Agrawal appointed as Twitter CTO

Micro-blogging site Twitter appoints Parag Agrawal as the new CTO.

Mar 09th 2018

Twitter announced the appointment of Parag Agrawal as the new CTO. Agrawal is IIT Bombay alumnus and also has a PhD from Stanford University in computer science.

He joined the micro-blogging site in October 2011 as an Ads Engineer, where he held the title of Distinguished Software Engineer. He also did research internships at AT&T, Microsoft and Yahoo.

Agrawal had taken over the role of CTO in October last year, following an announcement made internally at that time.

He replaced Adam Messinger, who previously held the position. According to reports, Agrawal took over the role of CTO internally in October 2017.

He leads the technical strategy for Twitter and oversees machine learning and AI across its product and infrastructure teams.

CNBC quoted a Twitter spokesperson saying, "In his capacity as CTO, he's focused on scaling a cohesive machine learning and AI approach across our consumer and revenue product and infrastructure teams."