Twitter, Google lose their top security executives

Michael Coates, CISO, Twitter, and Michal Zalewski, director, Information security engineering and assurance, Google have quit their respective companies. 

As Facebook CSO dismissed rumours of him quitting the company, Twitter CISO, and Google's director of information security engineering and assurance announced their exits.

Social media platform Twitter’s chief information security officer, Michael Coates has quit the company with plans to co-found his own security venture post the exit. He made the announcement through a tweet that read, “Twitter has been an amazing ride, but as I mentioned internally a few weeks back, my time is coming to an end. I’m confident to leave the program with an amazing security team. What’s next? I’m off to co-found a security startup - hope to share more about what we’re doing soon.”



Coates joined Twitter in 2015. In his role he led the security program for Twitter across all elements of information security. Previously, Coates was the chairman of the global board of directors for OWASP, the largest open source application security community. Coates is also an advisor to several security startups such as Synack, Comprehend Systems, Black Duck softwares.   
Previously, Coates was with Mozilla where he built and led the security assurance program to protect Firefox users, Mozilla web applications, and infrastructure. 

In the current month, this is the second high profile movement for the micro-blogging site. Earlier this month Paras Agarwal replaced Adam Messinger to become the chief technology officer of Twitter. 

Michal Zalewski, Google's director of information security engineering and assurance quits 

Michal Zalewski was the director, information security engineering and assurance at Google. He announced on Twitter that he would be leaving the company after serving it for 11 years. Zalewski tweeted,”So, after almost 11 years, I'm gonna be leaving Google by the end of the month. It's been a fun ride.” 


Zalewski led a team of 100 members. Prior to this, Zalewski was the chief security specialist at T-mobile Polska. He has a total of more than two decades of experience in the space.

Zalewski is also a security researcher and the author of  security testing tools (e.g., American Fuzzy Lop), and The Tangled Web and “Silence on the Wire.  According to Reuters, Zalewski will be join Snap.