Dell Technologies launches new Dell EMC AI Experience Zones across APAC

Built within existing Dell EMC Customer Solution Centres, the new Dell EMC AI Experience Zones are open to customers and partners looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of AI technology. 

Cisco connects with IBM to simplify hybrid cloud deployment

Cisco and IBM are working todevelop a hybrid-cloud architecture that meld Cisco’s data-center, networking and analytics platforms with IBM’s cloud offerings.

Supervised learning explained

Supervised learning turns labeled training data into a tuned predictive model.

How Cambridge University connected its campuses with Aruba's wireless network

The University of Cambridge has begun adopting wireless connectivity across departments as it hopes to create seamless digital experiences for students and researchers.

VMware eyes Avi Networks for data-center software

VMware punched up its data center network virtualization capabilities by announcing it would buy Avi Networks load balancing, analytics and application delivery technology

Reinforcement learning explained

Reinforcement learning uses rewards and penalties to teach computers how to play games and robots how to perform tasks independently.

Australian police pilot cloud-based AI engine to automate evidence analysis

When investigating a crime, police often end up collecting terrabytes of digital evidence including emails, texts, social media posts, photographs and CCTV footage. Finding connections and patterns in the data is a manual and time-consuming task.

New switches, Wi-Fi gear to advance Arista’s campus architecture

Campus leaf switches and a Wi-Fi 6 access point will be available this fall to flesh out Arista’s grand plan for more efficient campus networks called Cognitive Campus.

Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud connect

Direct network connection and identity interoperability allow customers to run workloads across the Microsoft and Oracle clouds

For enterprise storage, persistent memory is here to stay

Persistent memory – also known as storage class memory – has tantalized data center operators for many years. A new technology promises the key to success.