For enterprise storage, persistent memory is here to stay

Persistent memory – also known as storage class memory – has tantalized data center operators for many years. A new technology promises the key to success.

QuantumBlack open sources its data analytics framework

A new open source framework that aims to make building machine learning pipelines easier for data scientists was released today by QuantumBlack, the data analytics outfit snapped up by McKinsey in 2015 and that has its roots in data work for Formula 1 racing teams.

Cisco will use AI/ML to boost intent-based networking

Cisco explains how artificial intelligence and machine learning fit into a feedback loop that implements and maintain desired network conditions to optimize network performance for workloads using real-time data.

How the FA is building a player analysis tool with Google Cloud

The Football Association (FA) has entered a long-term technology partnership with Google Cloud to centralise the data it holds on footballers across all levels of the game and to build a set of tools which will allow coaches quicker access to player insights.

Network monitoring in the multi-cloud era

Most enterprises now use two or more cloud service providers, and 35% use up to five monitoring tools to keep tabs on hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments. What’s the best approach to full network visibility?

IBM Watson accelerates democratization of healthcare powered by AI: Sandeep Makhijani

We are helping lead the transformation of health through data, analytics, AI and hybrid cloud, says IBM Watson Health Asia Pacific Leader Sandeep Makhijani. 

Extreme addresses networked-IoT security

ExtremeAI security app features machine learning technology that can understand typical behavior of IoT devices and automatically trigger alerts when endpoints act in unusual or unexpected ways

Microsoft sets post-retirement patching record with Windows XP fix – 5 years after support ended

The update – aimed at stopping the spread of WannaCry-like malware on PCs running the outdated OS – must be manually downloaded from the Microsoft Update Catalog.

VTCT cuts data blindspots with Qlik to become training sector leader

Back in 2015 the Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) identified several long standing analytics blindspots, meaning it was struggling to resolve some major issues faced by its thousands of students and instructors.

HPE to buy Cray, offer HPC as a service

High-performance computing offerings from HPE plus Cray could enable things like AI, ML, high-speed financial trading, creation digital twins for entire enterprise networks.