CSO Alert

CSO Alert: Intel discloses new vulnerability that could affect Core family CPUs

Your weekly update of everything security with a glimpse of the happenings of IDG Security Day and CSO100 Awards 2018. 

CSO Alert: 5 major cyberattacks and hacks of 2017

Your weekly update of everything security has a special announcement to make this week. Stay tuned till the end to know more!

CSO Alert: 85 percent of firms struggle to comply with GDPR by deadline: Report

Your weekly update of everything security with a special coverage on GDPR!

CSO Alert: A panel discussion on the ever-widening skill gap- The teaser

As CSO alert reaches its 50th episode, we had a discussion with Sandip Kumar Panda, Chairperson-CSA, Co-founder and CEO, Instasafe and Shubhamangala Sunil, Founder Chairperson, Global Cyber security Response Team and technical committee member- National Cyber Safety and Security Standards on bridging the skill gap in India, impact of GDPR compliance, cyber forensics and much more! 

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